Wednesday 31 January 2024

Beyond Problem-Reaction-Solution: When the establishment induce chaos, this causes a net-increase in chaos

Some years ago; David Icke insightfully described a behaviour and policy patterning that was repeatedly deployed by the leadership class, which he called Problem-Reaction-Solution- "PRS". 

The PRS idea was that the rulers would (repeatedly) create a problem, and this elicited a reaction from many "people" (i.e. in practice the mass media) and demands for something-to-be-done - and resulting action always turned-out to be a pre-decided pseudo-solution - a "solution" that was not really designed to prevent or cure the problem, but was something the leadership had wanted to do anyway

The "solution" was, indeed, always a further incremental step on the road to tyranny, intended to increase societal totalitarian surveillance and control. 

In other terminology: Problem Reaction Solution was, in a specific sense, a policy of Ahrimanic evil - which aims at the reduction of all thinking to materialism, and then control of this reduced thinking with the aim of pursuing the demonic agenda of evil. 


But I had not previously noticed that while PRS was usually tactically effective in enhancing top-down control of some specific domain of social living (e.g. increased control of the police, doctors, lawyers, or some type of corporation)... While PRS led reliably to the goal of  extending and deepening bureaucratic systems... At the same time, and inevitably; this local increase of "order" is attained at the cost of increasing overall and long-term dis-order/ chaos

Short-term and local increase in order is "bought" at the price of increased long-term and overall dis-order. 

This happens because the "problem" entails some kind of increase in chaos, some kind of break-down in functioning. 

And each time a problem is deliberately induced, every cycle of PRS - by deliberate design; the "solution" does Not solve the problem. (i.e. Because the "solution" was not intended to solve the problem, but instead to increase surveillance and control.) 

Therefore, every time PRS is deployed there is an unsolved problem, which means an increase in the problem; which means there is a long-term and a cumulative increase in social dysfunction and disorder

In sum; it can be seen that Problem Reaction Solution sequence can be deployed by the agents of Sorathic Evil to promote chaos and destruction under the guise of enhancing control. 

That is: repeated use of the PBS tactic actually promotes a net-destructive strategy

If we assume that the highest level of global leadership is Sorathic in motivation - that is, motivated to destroy, rather than to control - then it can be seen that PRS is a way of manipulating mid-system-level leaders, managers and bureaucrats

(Thus manipulating the middle-managers of totalitarianism as well as simultaneously manipulating the gullible masses.)  

The middle-management level of The System is therefore encouraged repeatedly to induce Problems: Problem after Problem! - to harm economies and trade (e.g. by sanctions); to provoke and promote wars; to organize and enforce mass migration into The West; to attack marriage and the family; to encourages hatred and resentment between races, sexes, classes... etc.

The Middle Managers believe that a PRS policy will enhance their control of society and the world - and they see the actual incremental expansion of surveillance and control bureaucracies (and their own wealth and high status) as evidence of the success of this strategy...

But meanwhile, the underlying reality is of civilizations, nations - and the world itself - collapsing into chaos.   

In other words: Problem Reaction Solution is a real strategy, at the mid-level of power structures; and superficially it seems to be "working"; in the sense that bureaucracy expands and expands to cover all aspects of life, and there are more and better paid jobs for the managerial class in administering The System - and indeed bureaucratic "power" continued to grow. 

But such bureaucratic power is only power within The System, and what The System recognizes. 

And the System recognizes only The System - all outwith The System is invisible to it, and treated as not real. 

The System does not, because it cannot, recognize chaos.

Therefore; when rulers deliberately engage in destruction, and the world consequently descends into chaos - the agents of Ahrimanic evil perceive only their own increase in System-control with an expanding System. 

Paradoxically; the overall-effect is that agents of total control are manipulated into implementing the agenda of total destruction

As the world collapses around them in consequence of their own purposive decisions and actions; the managerial-intellectual class (eg. of the UN, EU, WEF, Western national leadership, media Moghuls; financial and corporate executives and owners, academics, "scientists" and "artists") perceive only new chances for immediate personal enrichment, greater personal status, and opportunities to extend their bureaucratic empires. 

Note: This was triggered by a post from Francis Berger, and the response it elicited


Francis Berger said...

I appreciate the expanded insights you have noted here. I hadn't considered it within the framework of "beyond PSR."

"this local increase of "order" is attained at the cost of increasing overall and long-term dis-order/ chaos. Short-term and local increase in order is "bought" at the price of increased long-term and overall dis-order."

Yes, that is spot on. You can see evidence of this all over the West. All you have to do is juxtapose the recent birdemic measures with facilitated mass migration, or the green technology push with the decommissioning of reliable and essential energy systems, etc.

This ties in well with your ideas concerning Destructive Creation, which you outlined a few years ago.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - The recognition of a primacy to destruction is apparently a kind of "paradigm shift". In other words, a change of metaphysical assumptions about how reality is structured and motivated.

People can't and won't see the destructive impulse motivating national politics and global geopolitics; because they have a different explanatory paradigm about how this world operates. And nobody can prove-with-evidence which paradigm is superior; because what counts as evidence and how to interpret it are part of the paradigm.

But for a Christian, it should not be hard to regard the Sorathic paradigm (of spiteful destruction as the primary underlying motivator) - and then to recognize how very *simply* and coherently (without need for long chains of imputed and predicted causality) it explains some of the most significant and increasing large scale policies.

hamburgler said...

I've just thought of a new Trump-esque sobriquet: "Sorathic Soros" for his encouragement of mass immigration induced chaos.