Saturday 13 January 2024

The Empire Strikes Back! The current Ahrimanic (globalist) backlash in the United Nations

(For once!) I seem to have been correct in my prediction that the current Arrakis war is being exploited (and, very likely has been set-up) as a way of re-asserting globalist totalitarian bureaucratic control, especially via their long-favoured tool of the United Nations. 

The current quasi-legal proceedings against CHOAM is being accepted as A Good Thing by many supposedly awakened and skeptical radicals who, a mere few months ago, would have recognized the UN as an agent of Ahrimanic evil; an institution designed to be a prime agent of the intended internationalist tyranny of a System of mass omni-surveillance and micro-control. 

But now; this same UN is being regarded as a beacon of impartial law, defender of the weak and innocent, wielded against a rogue-state; and its powerful, wealthy, reckless and cruel Western backers*...

(*Although the worst that can be said against The West and CHOAM is true; on the one hand this was made so by those same powers who are now shrouding themselves in the mantle of Justice; while on the other hand the solution on-offer is as evil - in its different mode - as the problem it affects to address.)

To me, the situation has, very obviously, been manipulated into being by the Empire (that is, the Empire that never ended, the Black Iron Prison); who are fighting back against the chaos-loving, war-mongering, destructive Sorathic factions (arising within the Empire itself) who delight in human suffering and death for its own sake - and even at the cost of weakening or breaking The System; and who have are waxing ascendant in the ruling classes of The West since at least the summer of 2020^.

(^This may need clarification. My understanding is that The Empire is an Ahrimanic project; but that Sorathic individuals arise within it as a kind of psychopathic and parasitic element, and these individuals form a faction who band together expediently to indulge their purposively destructive agenda. This can be seen, perhaps, in US politics where a small but powerful faction within the leadership - successfully cooperate to create and amplify torture, war, famine, mass death - and other forms of chaotic destruction.) 

The Ahrimanic agenda includes the discrediting and elimination of all nations, especially those with power or who display any desire for autonomy. There is zero national loyalty among the totalitarian bureaucrats - although they are happy to allow and encourage nationalism insofar as it can be manipulated towards that destructive end. Which is precisely what is afoot. 

They are very keen to destroy all the Western nations, who are all very keen to be destroyed; and even keener to destroy any nations such as CHOAM (and the Fire Nation) who desire to survive. This is attempted by trying to reshape nationalism into resentment, and transform the desire to survive into the desire for revenge - both of which will be likely to lead to reckless and self destructive behaviour. 

So far this has failed in the Fire Nation, but succeeded spectacularly in CHOAM, which is behaving in ways almost guaranteed to lead to its own utter annihilation. 

So - the situation is set-up in which there is apparently a forced-choice between (Ahrimanic) global totalitarianism, and (Sorathic) global war; that is - between tyranny and death. 

(Indeed, in an ultimate sense, the choice between chosen slavery to Satan, and indirect suicide.) 

And, as always with evil - the choice is real in the sense that (to be spiritually effective) we need to consent to evil: to invite evil into our hearts. For example, by enthusiastically regarding as our saviour and supporting the UN... with all that implies+.  

In such a situation; the only escape from embracing one or another of the twin evils of worldly expediency, and thereby taking the side of evil; is a perspective that is Not of This World

As seems more and more often the case: the age of neutrality is passed, things have come to a point; we are being corralled into making an ultimate existential choice for God and Heaven - or actively enlisting against them.

+Note added: I do not think that this current Ahrimanic backlash will be effective in reversing the progression towards Sorathic destruction; partly because this trajectory is the inevitable direction of those who are allied to evil; and partly because reckless destruction is so much easier and more rapid than making and sustaining a System of global totalitarianism


cecil1 said...

Does 'NOt of this world' imply no engagement with the world, and in particular, no resistance to evil in the world?

I ask that because I know a lot of people who basically have made it claer that whatever happens, and I mean anything, they will just shrug their shoulders and try to stay out of the way. They seem to laugh about it, and laugh about the destruction as 'not my problem'. I think this is complicity. I see it daily, and it passes unnoticed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@c1 - What you describe is the usual perspective of Oneness spirituality (very different indeed from Christianity as I understand it); or it is, at least, what "oneness" aims-at; or what its advocates sometimes say (in certain moods or situations).

But *n practice* oneness spirituality never gets anywhere near a state of indifference and detachment among Western people living in The West - and such people are, indeed, typically extremely dedicated to the this-worldly values of mainstream Leftist ideology: