Friday 19 January 2024

Why do I not feel warm enough?

Why do I not feel warm enough 
As I sit here and shiver?
Why do I quiver with cold? 

It's cos I'm clad in cotton
That's why I'm feeling rotten. 

A dressing-gown of fleece
Will make me warm and neece. 

Note: Came to mind this morning on rising at 05:15 to a cold house, waiting for the central heating to bite. But, overall; the clear, dry and frosty weather is very welcome after about three months of almost daily rain and near-solid cloud cover.


Ron Tomlinson said...

And when on Sunday the rain
Heralds Storm Isha and bane
As electric bills wax
Neither cotton nor flax
Will dry on the line
To be ready on time
Yet fleece will be ready again

Laeth said...

very amusing and sweet.

Bruce Charlton said...

@RT - I am actually compelled to be a fleece wearer; because woolen clothing is rapidly devoured by moths - despite all my best efforts.

Lucas said...

Neese is a local brand of sausage here, some of that would likely keep you warm too.