Wednesday 14 February 2024

Fake elections of non-leaders who represent not-nations

"Elections" are a mind-trap, a PSYSOPS: more so than ever. 

An election by mass vote-counting is a fundamentally immoral form of decision-making. But anyway, whether regarded as evil or good; fair and genuine elections are not on offer in The West - not in the UK nor the USA.

Neither are Leaders in evidence - that is, none capable of actual leadership; since all Western leaders are middle managers, psychopaths, or (increasingly) merely-puppets. 

Or the nominal leader is a rubber-stamp in a human form. One suspects that even a signature is probably beyond one notorious person: more a case of signed: The President...X... (His mark).  

And there are no National leaders - that is, none who even try to represent the welfare and interests of the nation that (supposedly) elects them; the nation that they (ahem) "serve".

Instead we have mixtures of people who serve the interests of globalist totalitarianism, of Sorathic globalist factions, of other-nations, of specific races... 

In sum: the Modern Western Leadership Class serve the interests of almost-anybody or any-thing except the nation that they nominally "serve". 

So... Fake elections of non-leaders who represent not-nations. 

The reality should be recognized, stated, rejected...

And then is best ignored - insofar as possible. 


Laeth said...

the title is perfect. it is just a shame that it has to be spelled out and elaborated upon when every single part of it is so obvious.

Bruce Charlton said...

@L - Let you in on a secret. I only came up with the current snappy title when I got to the end of writing it. Until that point it had a rambling, explanatory, opposite-of-snappy title.

Laeth said...


I'm glad it revealed itself, because it really is perfect.

Mia said...

We recently gave up on a church that we joined bc it did fairly well on the birdemic Litmus Test. Unfortunately it failed big time on the Fire Nation and CHOAM. One of the last straws for me though was the head pastor telling the congregation that you are in sin if you don't vote. In late 2023. In *America*! I'm so overwhelmed by the insanity I can only respond like a valley girl- I can't even.

Epimetheus said...

A few months ago I was wondering about the dramatic difference in the military industrial complexes of the United States versus its opponent. What could explain vast spending that somehow doesn't parlay into military ability or even sufficient munitions for industrial warfare? Looking at infamous projects like the Zumwalt-class destroyers and so on, it seemed the answer is a complete lack of Leadership.

No-one really prominent seems to be making decisions, and certainly no single individual seems to feel responsible - there's just this amorphous inability to do anything on time and on budget, and billions of dollars go out the door without anyone really knowing why. Ironic that Zumwalt himself seemed to be an actual naval leader, though frustrated by the hidden cabals and committees that plague the West.

Maybe America really does suffer for want of a monarchy...

Jacob Gittes said...

Spot on. Beyond the very local level, it is sinful to participate in elections.
In the USA, at least, the county sheriff still has real power and influence.
Anything "good" or organic that comes out of the ongoing dissolution of the West is going to happen at the local level. And in individual hearts.

If this is allowed, a response to Epi on where all that money goes: there is, besides the spiritual/demonic evil that rules that land, an actual evil cabal that uses fine-grained surveillance and harassment of people (mainly dissidents), and which diverts a % of GDP that I would say approaches 50% of our productive output to its ends. That is part of it, and part of why we get decaying infrastructure, while the Fire Nation gets beautiful subways.

Epimetheus said...

Thanks Mr. Gittes. It's certainly strange that people are still being worked to the bone merely to stay financially afloat two centuries after the industrial revolution...

The Anti-Gnostic said...

@Epimethus - the US military has succumbed to Pournelle's Iron Law, like all other branches of secular democratic government. Only exogenous shocks, as from a leader with sufficient charisma and vision, will turn an institution around once it tips into capture by institution-oriented (versus mission-oriented) bureaucrats. Trump is a last, raised middle finger to the GAE and even his voters know it which is why people's purchasing patterns (revealed preferences) are chaos-planning (land, weapons).

Private corporations, which now command sufficient legacy IP and cash flow to avoid market discipline, are succumbing to Pournelle's Law as well.

Bruce Charlton said...

@A-G - "Trump is a last, raised middle finger "

Not "is"... instead "was".

Past tense, done and dusted, was tried and failed (birdemic-peck!), had his moment and blew it.

"Only exogenous shocks, as from a leader with sufficient charisma and vision, will turn an institution around once it tips into capture by institution-oriented (versus mission-oriented) bureaucrats. "

"will turn round"? This roll-back is purely theoretical wrt modern bureaucracy. No institution (at least none of any size, wealth or power) actually *has-been* turned around, by any intervention.

That's what we are up-against. Decades of unreversed progressive bureaucratic corruption, with a record of total failure at even stopping (let alone reversing) it.

I did a secular analysis of this back in the day: