Tuesday 6 February 2024

This is about as obvious as evil gets

We have now reached the point where those who are motivated by evil (i.e. by their opposition to God, divine creation and The Good) are now being about as obvious and explicit as evil ever gets. 

Whereas in the past those who intended evil would do so under the pretense of doing good (e.g. early socialism); we are now at a stage where the people who intend evil tell us explicitly, and pretty much exactly, what it is they intend to do - before they do it and while doing it. 

They do not do so under the guise of doing good; but instead they now simply tell us that the evil which they intend, is actually Good

In other words, we are now in a situation of very pure, very simple, value-inversion

The recent wars and mass invasions have been remarkable for the way in which those who have provoked and escalated them (i.e. globalist totalitarians based in The West); have actually "said out loud", have described, the destruction of people, property, nations and land that they intend and regard as acceptable. 

And this intended destruction is sometimes described in terms of near complete annihilation: they want to have no more such people, no such culture or nation, buildings and artefacts will be removed or destroyed, the landscape wrecked and polluted... That's the stated strategy. 

Now, they don't say such  things every time they speak or all at once - but they do make explicit official statements, and say them several times; they incorporate these goals bureaucratically in laws, rules, agenda items, mass/social media policies; they boast about their intentions, and baldly assert that their plans will induce greater human happiness*...  

And they do the same inversion for Goods. 

Any-thing and every-thing which is truly Good (for Christians; and indeed also things recognized as good in all known societies through all of history) is now routinely, systematically, explicitly; stated to be evil, wrong, a threat, the cause of oppression, exclusion, suffering and death. 

The (seven?) classic virtues are now officially vices; common sense realities are treated as wicked hypotheses, basic assumptions of Mankind such as a spiritual world, or continued life beyond death, or a created reality; are now treated as lunatic notions or sinister manipulations. 


You may say that things are not so clear as all that... 

That there are many and frequent statements that contradict what I have said above. That the modern world is characterized by inexplicit unclarity, by deliberately induced confusion...

Sure - there is also plenty of that. Evil lies and misleads as its basic mode: habitually and manipulatively. We dwell in a fog of dishonesty. Untruthfulness is the besetting sin of our era. 

All true.

But what is really striking about here-and-now is how very clear, explicit, and detailed the leadership class so-often are; about exactly what they consider is good and necessary, and who they consider is evil and why; about what they intend to do to us (and "for" us) in the near future. 

What this tells us is how deeply corrupted we of the West have become.

"They" baldly, bare-facedly, tell us that good is evil and sin is virtue. They fully expect to get-away-with-it, thereby gaining our implicit consent.


And that is exactly why They are so obvious about their evil.

They tell us of their evil intentions. And we hear, but do not listen.  

They get-away-with-it because we give our consent. 

This - here-and-now, on a daily basis - is evil with the gloves-off; as clear, obvious and explicit as it ever will be. 

Have you noticed yet? 

* "The fifteen minute city" is an excellent example. They describe their detailed plan for a world prison in permanent lockdown; then tell us that this is A Good Thing, for our benefit, to make us happy. 


Laeth said...

speaking only of real life relationships I can say that most are wilfully blind, they refuse to face the facts, even when the stated goals and the actions are so openly and obviously contradictory, as all the birdemic moves were. since then I have had a few long conversations and even though they seemed to follow what I was saying, a couple of weeks later we were having the same discussion, and they were back to the platitudes that it's really just all about greed, and that what is happening, from the birdemic to the invasions to the wars, is really just about business and keeping the system intact. how bad does it have to get for the reality to sink in? I almost don't want to know the answer because maybe there isn't one, and the majority will simply be absorbed, lulled to paralysis, and content with the misery forced upon them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Laeth - "how bad does it have to get for the reality to sink in?"

Clearly, it is not a matter of severity of badness, or else (especially after 2020) reality would already and long since have sunk in.

Quite the contrary - in the UK media there has recently been a big push to suggest that the lockdown was too little and too late.

This despite the actual mortality from "the birdemic" being officially something like one fiftieth of that "predicted" (at least before the numbers were inflated by repeated inflationary changes of definition - but even then, the numbers were something like a tenth of predicted).

Jacob Gittes said...

So very true. I've come to the conclusion that only a focus on one's spiritual path is worth time and energy of any kind. The collapse of the West is over-determined: that is, there are too many concurrent causes going on for the removal of any one to "save" the West.
I would even say that the collapse of the current system would be a net good, despite the suffering and death that would entail, because the System is now causing so much suffering and depravity (while keeping its victims alive, sort of), that the collapse would be preferable, come-what-may.

In the USA, we can't even build save airplanes any longer - see the debacle at Boing (spelling error intentional).

Laeth said...

you're probably right. it's just difficult to deal with when it's family and friends, and to know how to react.

a_probst said...

I saw a report yesterday by a journalist asserting that corruption and graft in the Chinese military forces may have rendered China unfit to take on a major war of choice, i.e. the invasion of Taiwan, that China is a "paper tiger."

This would be more reassuring to me if I didn't fear that China is a grade 5 office-paper tiger and the West becoming a crepe paper tiger.