Friday 16 February 2024

What psychology does New Age Spirituality, globalist totalitarianism, and traditional Christianity share? The fantasy of passive overwhelming

One might suppose that New Age Spirituality, globalist totalitarianism, and traditional Christianity would have nothing in common. 

But at the level of psychological aspiration they share what I regard as the atavistic yearning for a passive, automatic, spontaneous, immersive, largely un-conscious - and (here-and-now) happy relationship with life and the world. 

The problem (as I see it) is the yearning for passivity, the implicit assumption that only what is imposed upon us, and to which we are all compelled to yield, is real and authentic; and the basis for a stable and satisfying world.

This derives from the common (but false) belief that reality is that which overwhelms us; and anything in which we actively participate, and which we consciously choose, is merely delusion, wish-fulfilment, or the result of being-manipulated. 

By this way of thinking; all that we personally need to do is consent; and then we will be happy and the world will be much, much better. 

New Age sees this in terms of a cosmic millennial transformation of consciousness (raising the vibrational, or frequency, level...) that will happen everywhere to raise mankind towards the divine (as soon as enough people are ready for it)...

Globalist totalitarianism (the Agenda 2030, Great-Reset, Western Establishment ideology) sees this in terms of Them creating a sustainable, equitable, inclusive (etc) world for Us to dwell-within (if only We will allow the multi-mega-rich to organize this for-us and do what They say)...

Traditional Christianity sees it in terms of a restoration of (approximately) medieval theocracy, with the one-true-church shaping all of society, and educating all people in the necessary attitudes and habits (all that we all need to do is believe, practice, and obey).    

I understand all of these three world-views to be rooted in the assumption of essential human passivity; that the scope of our free agency (or "free will") is to consent; and that anything real and viable cannot (and should not, if it is really-real) depend on our individual creative efforts and personal choices.

Yet, contrary to the three listed ideals; my understanding is almost the opposite: that the divinely-destined (God-intended) path ahead is one in which individual creative efforts and personal choices - made explicitly, and with the fullest consciousness, are Absolutely Vital. 

(Lacking which, salvation shall be rejected, damnation will - passively - be consented-to.)

I believe that we need to set-aside the hopes or fantasies of being rescued from suffering, made happy. 

We also need to be aware that salvation (resurrection to eternal Heavenly life) must also actively be sought and chosen, in the most fundamental way. 

Christianity is no longer a Thing to which we might consent, yield and obey: it is now necessarily the objective of a personal quest.  

Both Personal; and a Quest



Ron Tomlinson said...

>damnation will - passively - be consented-to

Fascinating. It makes total sense. Only a Blackbeard would actively choose hell and stride towards its gates. Almost everyone else will just keep muddling along having ignored the offers of salvation.

>Christianity ... is now necessarily the objective of a personal quest.

An offer not only of salvation but of full-blown adventure!

Charlie said...

Wonderful post. I feel like this is one of your uber-posts--this is a wonderful summary of many of the things I've read from you.

Jonathan said...

Like Ron, the phrase "damnation will - passively - be consented-to" is what really hit me. Funny that that's in a parenthetical near the end of the post; it probably deserves a post on its own. I've been thinking in terms of people choosing damnation, Great Divorce-style. But if damnation really can be passively consented to, I daresay a lot of people are gonna passively consent.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Charlie - Thanks!

@Ron and Jonathan - I didn't think I was saying anything new! Indeed, I thought I was riding a hobby horse to write *again* about passive damnation.

By my understanding, Christianity is an opt-in religion. Which means that if you are passive, and don't make that positive choice to follow Jesus Christ through death and resurrection to eternal life in Heaven... naturally you will be "damned".

You have to want what Jesus offers.

Alexey said...

If you're interested, this is also what CTMU says. In Chris's theory we are secondary telors that redistribute telesis in such a way that maximizes overall reality utility parameter. I.e. we seek to create the best possible future, and reality needs us for that thing