Sunday 24 March 2024

Getting what you want, or believe, after death - How does this work for the God-rejecting, the demon-affiliated?

For those unfamiliar with this blog, I should clarify my oft-reiterated view that - in broad terms - I believe that people "get what they want" after death. 

This, in the sense that they will subjectively-experience (or be-aware-of) something like what they want and ask-for (or "believe in") in terms of reincarnation or paradise (of the various types), life as a kind of ghost (Sheol, Hades, ghosts on earth etc.), Nirvana, extinction, and so forth. 

Whatever they want, that (or something essentially of its nature) is what they experience.

Therefore "all religions are true" - by this meaning, anyway. 

(I think it a valuable exercise - or thought experiment - to compare religions, and Christian denominations, in this way. Suppose that they really offer what they promise to adherents. You will find that each is very different - and also that some offer a great deal more than others, as their "highest" reward.) 

An apparent exception to getting what you want is when people are affiliated to demons and desire things evil - in which case they are delivered to the demons with whom they have chosen to affiliate. 

But this is also "getting what they want", even though they will not like what they get; because what is at issue is opposition to God, God's agenda, divine creation - and all that is Good in this context. 

To affiliate oneself in opposition to creation in such a fundamental fashion, is a negation - rather than a positive desire; it is a dis-belief rather than a belief. 

The party of Satan (i.e. the demons, and their servants) is therefore the gang of those who are united only in terms of what they oppose, what they do not want. 

The relationships between the demon-affiliated Beings is therefore, in ultimate terms, necessarily oppositional. 

There is no loyalty between them, because there is no love; no genuine cooperation but only mutual exploitation, sometimes a temporary alliance for mutual advantage: no long-term plan but only competing expediencies of the individual Beings.

Consequently, while they may experience temporary pleasures; the situational and intrinsic misery of demons and their affiliates is also their choice. 

By their bottom-line rejection of divine creation; a choice has been made that has the inevitable consequence of existence without purpose, without meaning; thus without hope. 

In other words: a choice of eternal despair*.

*If it sounds implausible that anyone would choose despair; then you might consider what normal, mainstream, atheistic materialists assert concerning the purposelessness, meaninglessness, and essential horror of life - and (they are sure) will happen to them after death (utter annihilation). And consider how vehemently such people will defend the necessity, truth, inevitability of their choice of belief. Consider also their aggressive, scornful attitude towards any person or religion that asserts (or chooses to believe) that life has purpose, meaning, is ultimately Good, and/or has a "happy ending". I find it all-too-easy to imagine that such Beings will choose despair, and stick with their choice.   

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