Friday 1 March 2024

The globalist totalitarian System is collapsing into chaos: pros and cons?

I am continually surprised at how few people seem to have noticed that the globalist totalitarian System - which, just about four years ago looked to be just a few steps away from its goal of population omni-surveillance and total-control - is much weaker and less complete now than it was at the height of the birdemic - those months when They were so hyper-confident as to reveal the fine-print of Their Great-Reset plans. 

It's not that They have given up on the plans - obviously not! The plans continue as before. 

It's just that the System is perceptibly and incrementally self-destructing on so many fronts, that it seems just a matter of time before positive-feedback sets-in and rapid System collapse eventuates. And I mean - collapses without any outside intervention. 

Just as people in general seem to have learned little or nothing from the birdemic-peck, or from the suicidal insanity of antiracism; so those who dissent-from or oppose the System seem not to have noticed the qualitative difference between the world here-and-now, and that of 2020. 

Although it is still far-from dead, and many indeed have a considerable while to run (since nobody understands or can predict the robustness of this unprecedented world); I venture to say that The System is irrevocably ending; and totalitarian globalism should not be regarded as the major problem over the medium to long-term. 

What is increasing is chaos; and chaos is (obviously) dysfunctional - so that the negative aspects of System failure and collapse, will be exacerbated and accelerated by the deliberate, actively-destructive evil of chaos. 

More explicitly: the Big Problem already and from-now is not that the world shall be locked-down into a permanent Black Iron Prison; created from the Empire That Never Ended - but that the Horsemen of the Apocalypse will return in force.  

Looking at the Western leadership class, I see no sign that they are overall working towards implementing a Big Brother/ Brave New World dystopia; but instead I see the evidence of spiteful, destructive (i.e. Sorathic) evil that delights in human terror, despair, disease, starvation, violence, misery and death. 

Delights, indeed, in destroying animals, plants, the soil and the waters... Not in exploiting these for greed or to enhance power; but in destroying them for the sake of the pleasure that destruction brings. 

The top-level leadership consists of the adult equivalent of kids that like best to torment and torture other beings. They are unrelenting in their effort to start, escalate and spread wars. Prevent or break marriages and families and friendships. Destroy economies and trade. Smash farming and permanently wreck farmland.

Those who still continue to regard The System as the major evil to be fought, are - almost all of them - (know it or not) attacking The System by encouraging chaos. 

The are attacking one great evil, by encouraging another - and (even-) greater!

However these System-wreckers rationalize it to themselves (as working for "freedom" or in hope of personally gaining from a collapse over the short-term) - negatively-motivated attacks on The System cannot achieve any net-positive results. 

Protest voting, demonstrating, boycotting, sabotaging, rioting etc. will lead nowhere better (indeed, maybe, such will serve to scare and energize the ruling-totalitarians into more urgent yet futile attempts at oppression).  


Looking at the situation and trends with a degree of detachment that, in my case, can only be temporary-insensibility masquerading as objectivity (since I would presumably perish miserably, albeit maybe not rapidly, in any System-collapse) - what are the pros and cons? 

It could be (and often is) argued that the collapse of the global totalitarian System - if not necessarily good in-itself - "clears the decks", or creates a power vacuum, that offers opportunities to "build something better" afterwards. 

Indeed this fantasy of a fresh start (whether explicit or implicit) seems to be pretty common; but I regard it as a kind of "Pollyanna" unreality - optimism without reason. 

It seems clear to me that genuine, overall Good only comes from good motivations; and not from a combination or compromise between evils. And it is the absence of real and strong good motivations that prevails in The West, and that will ensure that we-here will not see good outcomes from the collapse of totalitarianism.  

"In theory" System collapse would "allow" residual Good to establish, grow and thrive; but that assumes such Good motivation both exists and is strong enough to overcome this-worldly temptations... A situation that I see no evidence for (although I remain on the look-out!).

In sum: the pros of System-collapse are weakly-theoretical, while the cons seem inevitable; which means that - as things stand, culturally in The West, we are in a lose-lose situation...

And therefore reliant for valid hope upon the personal not the social, and the spiritual not the material - like it, or like it not. 


William Wildblood said...

It certainly does seem that those who would direct the System are losing control as events increasingly take them by surprise. Unfortunately, the overall grip of the System is so complete that when it collapses it's more than likely that everything will. But ,as you say, most people seem totally unaware of this. Odd, to say the least.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - The way I see it (for what it's worth!) is that those who ultimately direct the System are using the System to destroy itself, and probably always have been.

Because strategically dysfunctional policies have been the norm since around the millennium - indeed dominating increasingly since the middle 1960s when science, efficiency, meritocracy and other related values began to be regarded as evil.

Thus equality (of outcome), antiracism, feminism, and inverted sexuality are all destructive of the System - and so are the current anti- Fire Nation and Arrakis wars.

The totalitarian politicians, managers and bureaucrats *within* the System are the ones we tend to hear about focus on - and they want the System to triumph forever (with themselves as rich and powerful leaders) - but these "leaders" are (I believe) mid-level pawns and dupes of those Beings who *ultimately* direct things.

This is easily done because the mid-level managers (national politicians, corporate leaders etc) have for two-generations been selected for dishonesty, doublethink, and short-termist obedience.

The ultimate leaders stand outside of the System, and do not depend upon it for their survival and thriving - since they are (more or less fully) demonic.

The System-believers are already being set against each other - and I expect this to continue and increase.

Morten Nielsen said...

"Looking at the Western leadership class, I see no sign that they are overall working towards implementing a Big Brother/ Brave New World dystopia"

For my part I see every sign that they are doing just that, with massive persecution (and in Germany likely banning) of opposition, increasingly draconian censorship laws etc.
However, I see absolutely no sign among Western leaders of the kind of strength and skill required to pull it off. I get the sense that the spiritual sponsorship behind The System has been withdrawn some time ago, and that we are currently seeing the last thrashings of something that is already dead.

It seems we both agree that the fall of The System is now inevitable. We also agree that the time after collapse will be horrible. You have previously used the term gigadeath, and that does indeed seem likely. Most likely none of us have much direct influence on the timing of these events, but if somehow the Archangel Gabriel appeared before me and gave me the choice between system collapse in 2030 or 2060, I would definitely choose the former.
I do not agree that chaos is worse than The System.
My reasoning is, that The System is currently busy destroying the seeds that will be necessary for survival and rebuilding after the collapse. Hence the longer The System remains, the worse the collapse will be.

The real problem right now is that most people in the West still have residual faith in The System. Once The System dies that faith will die with it. Those who lose their faith have exactly two options: either embrace another faith and live on or embrace despair and die.
That will propably be the last chance for the West; that those who survive the collapse choose the right faith, i.e. choose Christ.
The longer The System lasts, the weaker the echo of Christendom will be and the less likely it seems that the survivors will choose right.
For these reasons I would prefer collapse sooner rather than later.

Mia said...

I think a lot of people do actually see and that is why the zombie genre exploded for several years. However the idea of shifting focus from material to spiritual has occurred to virtually no one.

Ed said...

Wouldn't much depend on how exactly the system collapses?

William Wildblood said...

"The totalitarian politicians, managers and bureaucrats *within* the System are the ones we tend to hear about focus on - and they want the System to triumph forever (with themselves as rich and powerful leaders) - but these "leaders" are (I believe) mid-level pawns and dupes of those Beings who *ultimately* direct things."

Absolutely. When I referred to those who would direct etc I meant these mid-level pawns who are the public face of the System. But those behind them who we don't know and who are probably not even human are certainly aiming for destruction eventually.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MN - " I see every sign that they are doing just that".

I think you are failing to notice the policies I pointed out that absolutely guarantee the System will fail - other examples include (by multiple means) destroying the effectiveness of the police and military, and redirecting them to focus on trivial and nonsensical activities. By contrast, any serious totalitarian dictatorship would do everything possible to have effective surveillance and enforcement directed at genuine threats to The System.

@Mia - "the idea of shifting focus from material to spiritual has occurred to virtually no one." - Yes, it is so against the spirit of this age that even self-identified Christians regard a spiritual focus as evasion.

@Ed - "Wouldn't much depend on how exactly the system collapses?". Not really, however it began, once positive feedback sets-in, one failure leads to many others: collapse is collapse.

@William - I get the feeling that some of these mid-level pawns are beginning to realize (too late for remedial action) that they have been lied-to and taken for a ride. I just hope that some, at least, will recognize and repent.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Another view I've come across recently classifies the Ahrimanic / Sorathic axis as the Dark side of this-worldly order, while those forces arrayed against it (Trumpism, some Christian organizations, EU/UK resistance, and many other conservative and right-wing factions and movements) are classified as the Light side of this-worldly order. In her view, this author asserts that both the Dark and the Light are manifestations of the Luciferic order. "Two wings of the same Luciferic bird".

According to her, only a direct, unmediated relationship with Jesus offers us a way up and out of this dualistic trap.

Her conclusions are not a close match with those of Dr. Charlton, yet I'm intrigued that she seems to have many very similar insights -- insights that are vanishingly rare among "intellectuals" today.

Michael Baron said...

The most perilous risk is Magog swooping in to take the place of Gog as it falls. The danger is that the antichrist system could continue developing apace by disguising itself as a reaction against its own previous version. Many people who fancy themselves religious or right wing would be swept up in what seems to be a suddenly open way to victory. They will forget true principles and become a photographic negative of the current system.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MB - Yes, such scenarios seem all too likely.

Jaz said...

I wonder if your view of the situation is overly pessimistic, too categorical. When you say that there's no sign of good motivations, this is because you reject dissident impulses such as "nationalism".

For you, these are just other evils opposed to the evils of the System; since they don't explicitly recognize what you take to be the real metaphysical issues, they can only be variations on the same fundamental error perpetuated by the System. Either something is fully and explicitly Christian, in the very specific sense that you believe is needed now given the evolution of consciousness, or it's just one more variant of evil. So there is no real opposition, unless it is a Romantic Christian movement. The whole dissident right is really just "leftism" in a slightly different form. Even Christianity is just "leftism" unless it is the specific brand of Christianity that you regard as uniquely correct.

Is this too simple?

Here is a different perspective: There are many gradations and kinds of leftism and rightism and even Systemism. Some are first steps toward something better. They are usually incomplete and somewhat wrong in different ways. But they aren't all just evil and false. Perhaps for some people nationalism or some other right wing ideology is an early manifestation of something much bigger and more true. A first step toward Christianity of the kind you advocate, even. And who knows? Perhaps your own Romantic Christianity is itself only a first step, or a third or tenth step, toward something bigger and more true than you now realize.

If you allow for degrees and complexity, there may be good motivations all around. I've met many people (so many!) who seem to me to be well meaning and good, at least in some ways. Why dismiss their goodness just because they aren't yet perfectly right and perfectly good in your estimation? Being somewhat right and somewhat good is not nothing. And it's far better than being completely wrong or completely evil, as many people are now.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jaz - Of course it seems too simple in a blog post, but there is a lot more argument in the references given in the links - for example the Thought Prison book.

But there is one thing that I think you misunderstand. When I talk of good and evil, I am talking about two *sides* in the spiritual war: the side of God and the side against-God.

I am Not, therefore, talking about good and bad *people". That is a foolish division, because essentially All people are Mixed in terms of their nature and motivations. Indeed the entirety of this world is mixed - which is why our hope is "not of this world". .

(Except, maybe, some people are incapable of love, hence are probably wholly evil - but we can't usually know this while they still live, and maybe could never know it for sure.)

So, I agree that if you are talking about people, there are plenty of good motivations around - and many people who are vastly more-good than I am (for instance). BUT - there are extremely few people who are on the side of Good.

Nearly all of the nicest/ kindest people in The West are, indeed, supporters and helpers of the agenda of evil - often very strongly committed to the most-evil value-inversions of this most-evil of times and places in world history.

This is why the problem is so very deep, and why I am solidly pessimistic about where things are headed.

(But pessimism is not the sin of despair, just as optimism about This World is very different from Christian hope - which rests in Heaven, not this mortal earthly life.)