Saturday 2 March 2024

Notice: Avatar the Last Airbender (Live Action TV Series 2024) - and Dune Part One (2021)

Just a heads-up for those, like me, who loved the 2005-8 cartoon version of Avatar - rather surprisingly, the new live-action TV series series of the same story is excellent so far (despite being made by Netflix of 2024). 

I've watched two episodes and am thoroughly enjoying it. 

I also re-watched the first part of Dune, from 2021 (currently also on Netflix); which is confirmed as being (for me) a genuine 5-Star (i.e. top-rated) movie. 

I find it absolutely magnificent, completely gripping, and with a sense of mystery and depth that makes it feel like more than just entertainment. 

(Note: I have not read the book of Dune - it just doesn't grab me.) 

Part Two of Dune has been released this week in the cinemas; and I intend to go - despite its rather extreme length of more than two and a half hours (I watched Part One on TV in three segments, despite its being a bit shorter).


Bruce Charlton said...

@IB - Thanks for your comment - but I don't think it is appropriate to the nature of this post.

Also, it's a subject that I use code-words for discussing (me being resident in a totalitarian dictatorship where such matters are not publicly discussable without severe sanctions) - for similar reasons that you use a pseudonym, no doubt.

Inquisitor Benedictus said...

No problem Dr Charlton I fully understand.

Mia said...

The Dune series became one of my top 5 all-time favorite stories in any medium once I pushed past the first book. My first reading of the first book was underwhelming. It's unfortunate the author didn't actually write the final books, but the plot is his own all the way through. FWIW those who like Avatar for the right reasons usually like Dune, too.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Mia - I'll maybe give the Dune series another try soon - starting with vol 2 perhaps.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I read the first Dune novel ages ago but never tried any of the sequels. Maybe I should.