Friday 15 March 2024

Not Even Trying is the new normal, and represents mass affiliation to evil

A while ago I wrote a little book about the corruption of science for which I devised the title Not Even Trying - with respect to scientists and truth. 

But, except at the highest levels - where the agenda is actively evil -  the strategic and inbuilt attitude of not even trying to perform one's designated function; is absolutely normal, mainstream in The West. 

Mainstream politicians of all ideologies and parties claim to favour economic growth, or military strength, or law and order - but none of them are trying to achieve these at the level of strategy - no matter how much low and micro-level efforts are put into such goals. 

In practice, all positive working level initiatives are long-term undermined and overwhelmed by the middle managerial indifference to designated functionality. 

Thus an individual doctor or nurse may have genuine concern with the health of patients, but health systems are not even trying to improve the health of people - but instead pursue a mixture of middle managerial power-seeking and careerism with the deep agendas of totalitarianism, or spiteful destruction. 

Or consider transport, which is mostly by roads. At the low level and short-term of businesses attempting to establish good deliveries and logistics, there may be a genuine focus on functionality. 

But local and national politicians and the civil service are not even trying to improve transport; instead using their control of resources and regulatory means to degrade and close roads and slow communications; and to render vehicles inefficient and ineffective - especially by means of the fake-environmental agenda linked to "carbon" and "climate change".  

And above this level are the Western-based global establishment whose evil agenda is conscious and deliberate; who are now not even trying to enable their supposed totalitarian policies to operate. "They" are instead using the overall power to create generalized chaos by multiple means: mass migrations, race war, inter-national war, the destruction of agriculture and international trade, encouragement of disease and mass poisoning etc. etc. 


What we have is a world where those who have power, wealth, high status; are not even trying to use these resources to attain positive functional goals. 

Yet they are not instead, as through much of history, instead using their control of resources for long-term self-enrichment of their clan or people. We are not dealing with "normal" human incompetence , errors, or mere corruption. 

Instead, there is a profound malaise of values

There are active, double-negative, inverted ideologies at work and dominant; which is exactly why such trends are not self-correcting but instead robust and still-increasing. 

What we are witnessing is, in other words, the all-but unopposed (because invisible or denied) triumph of evil on a very large scale...

Evil in the hearts of Men is always present; but now it is manifested in allegiance to a multi-level Satanic alliance in opposition to God... And to divine creation.

Because, ultimately, it is Men's opposition to divine creation which leads to deliberate dysfunctionality and bureaucratic indifference - to the phenomenon of Not Even Trying to perform one's designated role.  

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