Monday 22 April 2024

By the 1960s, the Romantic Impulse became too strong to suppress, and was instead re-directed

Romanticism began in the middle to late 1700s, among a few - mostly upper class - individuals in Western Europe; and progressively spread in its influence through the general population of The West.

I regard this as a surface manifestation of a development of human consciousness, which is ultimately divinely initiated, and innate to our mortal incarnations. 

Therefore the underlying impulse of Romanticism is an inescapable reality, that must have some effect of some kind. 

The powers of evil (including within the Christian churches) quite rapidly managed to separate Romanticism from Christianity; and diverted it into this-worldly and hedonic channels. 

The world was divided into (and between) the Classical and the Romantic; the mundane and the ecstatic; The System (which included the Christian Churches) and individualism - the joyful-useless and the functional-necessary...

Unacceptable choices: an insoluble dilemma.  

This was very evident by the 1960s, when the Romantic Impulse had become very strong and much more widely-prevalent in the Western Populations (and elsewhere). 

The sixties counter-culture (which continued into the early 1970s) could not be suppressed, therefore needed to be diverted - and it was. 

Into sex, drugs and rock-and-roll - that is, into short-termist and destructive hedonism

And, in particular, into the sexual revolution; which began as intentionally destructive of marriage and family, and has continued to being destructive of health and sanity. 

It is important to recognize that - although the Romantic Impulse was real, and in a sense irresistible - it was the mainstream culture that directed the counter-culture. 

It was The Establishment that channelled the Anti-Establishment - The System that chose and promoted and sustained the individuals and institutions who epitomized and theorized the 60's "rebellion". 

I don't mean that the Whole Thing was planned and managed in every detail, and that there were no spontaneous and sincere actors at all! - but we ought to recognize that the The System strategy succeeded

The strategy succeeded in channelling Romanticism away from positive Christian directions (and also channelled Christians away from Romanticism); and into self-destructive and socially-destructive directions. 

The double whammy was that non-Christians were damned by their explicit rejection of Christianity; while Christians were damned by their (willing, un-repented) participation in The System. 

Plus: a fair bit of Romanticism was also re-absorbed into The System, and thereby made dull, mundane, bureaucratic... 

It is hard to believe how Romantic (and genuinely individualistic) was "nature" and "self-sufficiency" in the middle 20th century - when now the fake-distortions of "environmentalism" and "climate change" are spouted 24/7 by the most turgid and mind-controlled of globalists, civil servants, and multinational corporations. When now all this is part of the totalitarian "vision" of the Great Reset, and United Nations Agenda 2030!

This is an index of the success of The System's channelling of Romanticism. 

(Which is evil's triumph over allegiance to God.)

The underlying Romantic Impulse is still at work, and indeed more powerful than ever; but since the sixties has progressively become a tool of The System. It cannot be suppressed, therefore Romanticism it is distorted and turned back upon itself

This strategy is sustained by all the major social institutions; including the "Christian" churches - who are now absorbed into The System, in all necessary System-significant respects. 

The impossible choice offered is between the soul-destruction of mundane bureaucracy and functionality; and the soul-destruction of hedonic short-termism. 

But if as Christians we think for-, and from-, ourselves; we need-not choose between Romanticism and Christianity; we ought instead to do what Christians always ought to have been done: and choose both.

This is perfectly possible, for anybody who desires to do it; but entails escaping from under the distortions and errors of centuries - especially including those whose effect is to trap Christians in the impossible dilemma of Romanticism v Christianity. 

Which is a pseudo-dilemma that has been set-up and sustained by Satan et al - not God. 

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