Thursday 18 April 2024

Laeth on the Omni-God

Laeth's aphorisms are absolutely excellent! I find some to be witty and profound - in a "supertruth" way. 

But at present they are unorganized, and presented in a non-user-friendly fashion; so you will need to work at them. 

Here, I have extracted several aphorisms on the Omni-God concept that I have often discussed previously. 

(Laeth's aphorisms are all presented in lower case lettering, throughout a la ee cummings.)

omnigodists are like those women who are only into abusive and uncaring men. if he's not above it all and shows the least amount of humanity, they're not interested. 

according to omnigodists the uncaring foot trampling the lovely flower is the one worthy of worship. 

omnigodists gift stems rather than flowers. 

omnigodists don't really believe in free will, only in free would. 

the will is only free if we're willing to pay the price. 

the omnigod is the metaphysical equivalent of aphantasia. both can be remedied by opening one's eyes. 

God isn't faceless, you're just afraid to face him. 

omnigodism is a severe case of not getting that ideas are worth next to nothing and that it's all about the execution. 

atheism seeks non player characters, omnigodism seeks non character players.



Laeth said...

thank you :)

Francis Berger said...

Yes, the aphorism is definitely one of Laeth's fortes.

Inquisitor Benedictus said...

"God isn't faceless, you're just afraid to face him."

This one for me is the most pithy and most personally relevant. There's a diabolic twist on the Old Testament's prohibition against divine image-making that makes God out to be a fearsome tyrant hidden behind a dark cloud; any attempt to conceive a human face for God is spiritual idolatry and "pagan". I've found this a horrendous blockade in the spiritual life. Traditionalists / fundamentalists threaten you with this daily saying that you "shouldn't think of God as anything like humanity, and God is above your thoughts and doesn't have to explain himself to you in any way." If that's the case prayer is useless and God might as well be a Lovecraftian monster.

Bruce Charlton said...

@IB - I agree that is the exact tendency. It is bizarre how so many Christians have painted themselves into such a corner.

A said...

I still have trouble reconciling reading much of the Old Testament that, a plain fundamentalist reading of, makes God sound like a more powerful Herod.