Monday 1 April 2024

Made-up evil nonsense in the mass media - Just who are they trying to convince?

There are nested agendas at work in the world; a hierarchy of evil, in which each level has a different aim, and each manipulates and misleads and manipulates the level below. 

Only at the very top level (i.e. supernatural and demonic) is the ultimate agenda of spitefully-destructive Sorathic evil being consistently pursued - but all levels below are some mixture of delusional and merely-servile. 

The mainstream mass media are some levels below the apex; and their delusional servility has by now become extremely obvious to any honest observer capable of learning. 

At the level of the mass media and its controllers, there is an absolute conviction that they define reality. 

Although this belief is delusional, this is not completely false; because the mass media do indeed define reality for the leadership class and most of the mass of Western People - as was blazingly evident in 2020 with the birdemic of spring, the antiracism agenda of the summer, and the giga-peck agenda over the next months and years. 

What the media said was in imposed lock-step, and most of the world believed whatever the media was currently saying; utterly regardless of its nonsensical incoherence. 

But since early 2022 the world has diverged; and while nearly-all Westerners still believe almost everything the mass media spouts; the rest of the world does not: and ever-increasingly it is irrelevant what the West believes

Because the mass media operates inside a delusional bubble, they cannot comprehend that there are major matters on which it does not matter at all what beliefs the media can impose on the infinitely-gullible Westerners. 

The rest of the world in general, and the Fire Nation in particular, have long-since worked out that the mainstream mass media is always wrong and evil about everything than matters; and the more unified and strident their statements, the wronger and more-evil the underlying agenda will be. 

As a specific and current example, when it comes to responsibility for the recent massacre in the Fire Nation; it simply does not matter what the Western media are spouting in unison, nor what gibberish the majority of Western idiots can be made to believe: all that matters is what the Fire Nation believe

The mainstream, globalist mass media are absolutely sure that if only they can launch and sustain monolithic campaigns of malicious lies, then they have defined reality for the world - or at least everyone who matters in the world.

But the West had made itself capable only of self-destruction.  

Meanwhile anyone, anywhere-else in the world, who desires to accomplish something - is getting on with it; and the only (slight) attention paid to the globalist mass media is to learn what is for-sure 100% un-real and intentionally-evil.


Epimetheus said...

The splitting off of the East gives me some hope that they will maintain industrial-technical civilization despite the decline and collapse of the West, though they seem as intent on bureaucratic totalitarianism and they don't seem to be going in any novel spiritual directions.

I also can't tell if the Fire Nation's religiosity is real or performative virtue-signalling; in any case, it's better than what we do in the West. Perhaps having the national majority ceding to a small minority of true faithful is all that is necessary - the West by contrast cedes authority to the minority of the truly malevolent.

Mia said...

Careful, Bruce. You're veering toward optimism!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - "they seem as intent on bureaucratic totalitarianism and they don't seem to be going in any novel spiritual directions."

Agreed. And this is a species of net-evil, of the Ahrimanic kind.

"if the Fire Nation's religiosity is real or performative virtue-signalling"

I believe it to be real - or, at least, as real as such things ever are (i.e. as real as the Christian religiosity of the East Roman Empire/ Byzantium, or Western medieval Roman Catholicism.)

I also believe that this is the destiny of the Fire Nation - but I can't tell where it is going, and I know that it is not a good or possible model for elsewhere outside the historically-Orthodox world.

But a Christian monarchy is not identical with totalitarianism, even though both are all encompassing, communitarian, and controlling (in aspiration). The (institutional) Christian religion makes a qualitative and positive difference; and makes such a society potentially sustainable across multiple generations.

...Whereas atheistic totalitarianism Will consume and kill itself - not least from sub-fertility, and all that implies and entails.

@Mia - I'm sorry, but I'm not sure whether you are being serious or sarcastic; because I'm not sure how this article would strike people on the optimism/ pessimism continuum!

Guy B said...

Which nation is the fire nation?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Guy B - I've added a link.

Avro G said...

I’m reminded of that old quote of winnie the drunk’s about how in war the truth is so precious it must be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies. Of course, once you learn that a man tells lies sometimes you can never be sure when he’s lying or not. It seems “our” media have gotten so used to hearing their own lies the no longer know even when they themselves are spewing bilge. I hope you are right about the rest if the world waking up to this reality. All my worldly hopes for humanity now lie outside my native culture or in the hearts of isolated individuals.