Wednesday, 26 September 2012

An update on "Bruce Charlton Sacked" - Google prompt rankings


A while ago I explored the weird word of Google prompts - and the fact that the rankings of prompts they do not correspond to the number of Google search results.

This confirms that the prompts are generated by humans, not by algorithms - but raised questions about the logic being employed.

Here are the latest updates.

Search "bruce charlton" and you are prompted

1. Newcastle University (3,690 results)
2. Miscellany (9,480)
3. Thought Prison (1,360)
4. Sacked (1,370)
5. Medical Hypotheses (5,200)

Again - I find no correlation between the order of prompts and the number of search results - and no obvious pattern on which a human decision might have been based.

However, the person/s who do the prompt rankings have apparently decided that my being sacked (in 2010) is getting rather stale news, and the blog is doing rather better, so the order has altered accordingly.

BUT - I do find that the addition of a space (i.e. striking the space bar) no longer makes a difference to the prompts rankings, as it did last year.