Saturday, 1 September 2012

Can we have common sense without God? (No we can't. Another reason why the secular Right fails)


In a nutshell, the secular Right is an attempt to have common sense without God.


The motivation of the secular Right is to discard the insanity of Leftist modernity, while retaining - indeed increasing - prosperity, comfort, diversions and especially the sexual revolution.

But can we have common sense without God?

In the abstract - yes. In an abstract scheme we can construct a model of reality that can have all the 'good' stuff (i.e. stuff we like) and none of the 'bad' stuff (stuff we don't like): and this is precisely what the secular Right spends its time doing: constructing abstract schemes of governance which give them what they want and not what they don't.

In the abstract we can have common sense without God. 


But in practice, in real life, we cannot have common sense without God: not now.

We used to be able to do it: that was pretty much what the world was like in pagan times and places.

But now, this side of the triumph of anti-Christianity (i.e. the Left) in the West we can only get back common sense by getting back God.


We cannot have common sense without God because without God common sense is arbitrary (not a reflection of real reality) and not binding.

Common sense does not bind us because in the first place it is merely a matter of opinion, and opinions vary; and in the second place (and decisively) even if common sense is regarded as reflecting reality, then there is no reason why we ought to be guided by it.

When the dictates of common sense conflict with expediency (conflict with pleasure, diversion, prosperity, comfort, status, career... whatever), then there is no reason not to ignore common sense: and every reason to ignore common sense.


So the idealistic and consistent secular Right are always corrupted in practice; because their bottom line, their motivation, is to be guided by their own likes and dislikes to optimize gratification; and their preferences will fall into line with whatever conforms to their motivating desire for pleasure and to avoid suffering.


So the secular Right will favour common sense in the abstract; and in practice they will do whatever gratifies them, because there is no reason not to.

So we cannot have common sense without God.


(The God needed to restore common sense need not necessarily be the real Christian God - although obviously it would be infinitely preferable on other grounds than common sense if it were the Christian God.)