Wednesday, 5 September 2012

RW Chambers on Tyndale and Coverdale and the Authorized Version of the Bible


From RW Chambers, Man's Unconquerable Mind, 1939.

It seems certain that the Bible as we now read it in the Authorized Version has has, and will continue to have, more influence upon the English Language and upon English prose than any other book. 

All the more important therefore is to realize that we owe it, not to the seventeenth but to the sixteenth century, to Tyndale, and to a less extent to his followers, especially to Coverdale. 

And these writers were not themselves innovators in style or language. They wrote the 'clean English' which had come down to them from an earlier day. 

So that the tradition of our English Language is an older one than we usually think. 


It is remarkable, therefore, that hardly anybody nowadays could recognize the names of William Tyndale or Miles Coverdale.