Sunday, 30 September 2012

We cannot win by argument


This strives not to be a topical blog and therefore I don't like linking to recent postings on other blogs - but this passage from last week at John C Wright's place needs special consideration:


Political Correctness is both deeply entrenched and precisely and perfectly evolved to act as a parasite on our civilization, perhaps to the point where it cannot be eliminated without damaging the host....

Political Correctness is evil, confident, ruthless, conscious-less, highly adaptive, and highly expert at using our laws and customs to disarm attacks both legal and verbal against its depredations.

The law is on its side. The political parties are on its side, the Democrats openly, the Republicans reluctantly.

The mass media, the press, and the entertainment industry that both reflects and shapes the mood and opinion of the common man, the powerful and subtle instrument of propaganda ever devised, are in their hands and they are expert at operating the engines of deception.

The academia are on its side: men of ordinary learning and prudence face evil geniuses of sophomoric idiocy.

(And do not ask me how they can be geniuses and idiotic at the same time. No doubt it is special gift of Azathoth, their tenebrous god, which renders them immune from the law of non-contradiction).

Every worldly gift is on their side.

On the other hand, if God is with us, who can be against us?


This passage expresses the impossibility (and I mean impossibility) of defeating such a hydra-headed phenomenon as political correctness by means of worldly force; even if there was any such worldly force at command of Christians, which there is not.

If it was a matter of replacing a tyrant, it might be possible albeit unlikely, but Leftism has been for centuries woven through our society such that to kill it is to kill the host.

We cannot see a way out of this bind, but all that means is that we cannot see a way out.

The fact that we cannot see a way out is no cause for despair; and despair is - anyway - not an option.

We know what things we need to do, and these are primarily spiritual things.