Sunday, 16 September 2012

Does Christianity support Western Culture support Christianity (etc)


Many, many reactionary bloggers focus on the relationship between Western Culture and Christianity, and how we need one for the other, or whether we can have the one without the other.

(People differ about which they regard as most important - the culture or the Christianity.)


But, but, but...

Obviously the two things are not intrinsically related - although they are compatible, yes

(or, at least were so for hundred of years, albeit unravelling all the time)

but anyone who would agree on the validity of Eastern Orthodoxy has already acknowledged that Christianity can exist without Western Culture.

(I personally would further argue that Christianity existed at a higher level under Eastern Orthodoxy than ever it did in the West - but to acknowledge superiority is not necessary.  It is enough for the argument merely to acknowledge that Eastern Orthodoxy is validly Christian and yet has existed for 2000 years outside the West in the Middle East and Asia Minor, and for many hundreds of years in Eastern Europe and Russia.)

So what is there to discuss?


The importance is that it seems, in these end times, as if Christians are going to have to choose in a way they could avoid in the past.

Nobody can have it all; nobody can pick-out the bits they want to keep, rejecting those they dislike.

Life is a package deal.


Obviously, real Christians who are also Leftists will need to abandon Leftism including democracy, the sexual revolution etc - they will need to make this choice or else stop being Christian; but the same principle applies to the Right who will have to loosen their grip on Western Culture, nationalism, racial politics, machismo and whatever else traditionally Right-wing worldly concerns may motivate them.

Sooner or later (if it has not already happened) each Christian will face this choice to put Christianity first and sacrifice other socio-political motivations concerns, or stop being a real Christian; sooner or later and probably sooner.

As Christians, we should prepare ourselves for making that choice.