Thursday, 27 September 2012

Charlton breaks his word


A while back I stated that I would (despite everything) read JK Rowling's new novel, which has been published today

I am breaking my word: I am not going to read it. Despite everything I said then.

Can't be done. 

There is no way I could make myself read a book like that nowadays.


I used to thrash myself through quantities of vile, subversive, despair-inducing Leftist stuff (novels, movies, TV, plays); since everybody else had done it, so I could say I'd experienced it, and to show that I was sophisticated enough to deluge my mind with slurry and come out of it all enhanced by the experience and deepened in sensibility... but no more!

Not me. Nope. Don't try to make me do it.


And so, yet another victory for political correctness - the deception, capture and enslavement of our best living fiction writer; and her enlistment as a propagandist of evil.

Of course she always presented a mixed picture: surface postmodern progressivism but a deep religious traditionalism.

However, in line with Robert Conquest's Second Law: anybody not explicitly and wholly reactionary will sooner or later become a total Leftist.


Of course she is not necessarily lost: she may repent.

But until I hear something of that sort, I shall henceforth cease to follow her career.