Thursday, 6 September 2012

The modern belief in the virtue of voting is psychotic


Reading about the scale of voter fraud among US Leftists just hammers home our bizarre, nay psychotic, cultural belief that however it is manufactured the results of a vote are not just legally binding, but morally binding - that voting is the only just way to make decisions, and that justice is whatever is the result of a vote.

This is, I guess, simply one of those bizarre aspects of human psychology - that on the one hand someone can engage in fraud: intimidation, bribery, threats and promises, direct fakery of returns and miscounts, mob rhetoric... pretty much anything... and yet at the same time genuinely believe that democracy is morally superior to all other forms of government; and indeed that any other form of government is evil and must be sought-out and stamped-out at any price, anywhere in the world and in every form of group or organization.

And in organizations that personal authority is intrinsically corrupt (which of course it is, since humans are intrinsically corrupt) but that a decision made by a committee is intrinsically superior to individual authority: that somehow committees and voting remove (or significantly diminish) the corruption of the individuals of which they are composed...

So people personally manufacture a result, or personally experience a manufactured result imposed on them; and then these same people believe that the result was objective, and correct, and virtuous...

This is what people believe - and because there is no reason for this belief, the belief is impervious to experience - which is to say it is psychotic (false, irrefutable, yet dominating); and because this psychotic belief is morally-driven, even to think about it or challenge it makes one a moral outcast (to at least some extent).

What a mess...