Monday, 3 September 2012

Four barriers to being a reactionary: atheism, democracy, kindness, and the sexual revolution


There are very few real, solid reactionaries, very few indeed; perhaps the most recent I can think of was Fr Seraphim Rose - who fully lived and deeply understood modernity/ secular Leftism/ nihilism - and wholly rejected it.

Many things hold people back from being a reactionary, and keep them in the incoherent and impotent state of being 'conservatives'.

1. Atheism: The most obvious barrier is lack of religion, more exactly not being a traditional Christian or Moslem (being the only two open religions of reaction).

2. A belief in democracy, the validity of committees, and voting in general. Theory and experience confirm that these are intrinsically anti-reactionary beliefs.

3. An ethic of kindness, which sees suffering in this world as the worst thing - and to be avoided at all costs. This is utterly destructive of meaning and purpose in life, indeed leads to a culture of death - since death is (for those who think that death is the end) the only sure cure of suffering.

(Note: kindness is of course a virtue, and a desirable trait - however, it cannot become the highest virtue, and should not be regarded as the primary value, or else this will lead to multiple terrible outcomes.)

4. Those who adhere to the tenets of the sexual revolution cannot be reactionaries. The sexual revolution must be rejected, pretty much in its entirely, as a normative value, goal or ideal.

For many/ most people refusal to give-up the gratifications and hopes of sexual 'liberation' is the single biggest and most resistant barrier to becoming a reactionary - a cage trapping them within the Leftist world view.

The hippies were therefore absolutely correct that the sexual revolution was the most potent of all subversive strategies.

We are a culture addicted (literally so) to the dreams (not the actuality) of un-constrained/ evolving and self-defined/ self-policed sexual identity and relations.

For so long as this continues, for so long will The West continue its willed descent into destruction and damnation.