Saturday, 12 May 2012

Argument errors of Christian reactionaries - using Leftist reasoning


It is counter-productive (strengthens the enemy) for Christian reactionaries to argue against some Leftist policy on the basis that it:

Upsets people. (Somebody is always upset by everything.)

Is inefficient. (Liberals don't care about efficiency.)

Is dysfunctional. (Liberals take functionality for granted - if they did not, they would not be liberals.)

Wastes money. (Liberals don't care about wasting money. Indeed, they equate wasting money - their own money, or other people's - with altruism.)

Is silly/ absurd. (Liberalism operates by taking more and more silly/ absurd things seriously.)

Is trivial. (For Liberals nothing is trivial if it opposes Liberalism.)

On the basis that procedures ought to be neutral. (Procedural neutrality is impossible, and its pursuit is evil - what matters is deciding which side will be favoured; and that should be the side of truth, beauty and virtue. The task is for procedures to achieve a Good result - not for procedures to be neutral.)


Arguments Christian reactionaries should use against Leftist policies:

They are destructive of Good/ Truth/ Beauty/ Virtue; are evil/ dishonest/ ugly/ sinful.

They do not conform to Reality.   


Of course none of these arguments will convince Liberals - indeed they are meaningless to to the Liberal perspective. What then?

Just keep repeating and repeating them anyway.

Because these arguments are the proper reasons for Christian reactionaries to argue against things: Good reasons; the real reasons; true,  beautiful and virtuous reasons.


(At some level whatever they may say or do, Liberals know for sure that they are wrong. Objectively, finally, ultimately wrong. And that is why they are anti-life; why they live for distraction and destruction; why they idolize the evil, selfish and self-mutilating; and why they are fixated upon sterility, suicide and euthanasia. Never in human history has there been such visceral loathing as Liberals feel for themselves: they want their own extinction more profoundly than they want anything else.+)


(+ Lest I be misunderstood: Liberals know for sure that they are wrong, but they do not know that we are right - they believe that we are wrong, but they do not know what is right. They know that they are wrong now because they know they have changed their Liberal beliefs several times already and will have to continue changing their beliefs every few years. So they know their current Liberal beliefs cannot be right; and they also know that whatever future Liberal beliefs they may embrace will only be for a while; since they will be equally unstable. Their tragedy is that they know that Liberalism is false, ugly and evil - but they think they know the same about Christianity - so they have no hope and cannot find rest. Except, temporarily, in forgetfulness, that is in ceasing to be conscious - hence ceasing to be human. Thus they yearn to become animal, or for permanent distraction, or - as they mistakenly suppose will happen - to have consciousness finally annihilated by death.)