Monday, 14 May 2012

The Lame Joke as a permanent feature in modern life


The form of pseudo-art termed 'installation' - which at best expensively and elaborately instantiates some momentarily-diverting shock or notion; has led to the permament erection or construction of The Lame Joke as a feature of modern life.

An entity which is mildly-amusing on first viewing is made into something which must be viewed hundreds of times, with exponentially increasing weariness and irritation.


Ladies and Gentlemen I present:

The Lame British Coins-of-the-Realm Joke

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drizzz said...

I've noticed the same thing for years now- thank you for expressing this in writing!

Reactor said...

You're spot on about the currency. I dug out some old predecimal coins the other day and realised just how rich and intricate and beautiful they were.