Thursday, 10 May 2012

Implications of living under an elite of evil madmen


I have been arguing - that our ruling elite are evil and insane (rather than being well-meaning fools, corrupt careerists or clever sillies).

So what?

Tactics and strategy.


Tactics - there is no point in using argument, persuasion, reason or evidence on evil mad people. It will just inflame them.

Do not set out to educate, raise-consciousness, permeate culture - if they do not ignore you, they will listen carefully and learn, and use the information to plan counter-measures.

Either defend yourself by main force, or don't defend yourself. 



Avoid the crazy wreckers if you can - keep communications to a minimum - lest you personally become a part of their delusional system.

Do not read their stuff, listen to their propaganda, nor seek their advice, nor expect their support, nor their agreement.

(You already know what they will say: variations on Good is bad, bad is Good - impose lies, destroy beauty and make ugly, virtuous people are evil and selfish hedonists are admirable, yeah yeah...)


Do not build broad alliances with crazy evil people, the alliances work one way and against you.  

Work around-them, within constraints - do not work with them.


You will be accused of being paranoid: don't argue the point, don't provide evidence, don't defend yourself.

But take extra care about those who make the accusation.


Meanwhile pray - for repentance and conversion - a Great Awakening. Godly and good government.

Pray for courage. 

Think of the present and eternity - try not to think of the future, not to speculate on scenarios nor to make plans, except at times when decisions must be made.


Avoid resentment against the evil madmen - or hatred will consume you. So pray for a soft, warm, loving heart.


Adapted from the works of CS Lewis, Fr Seraphim Rose and the martyrs of communism.


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