Friday, 11 May 2012

Reality is objective, universal and permanent (*not* subjective, private, evanescent)


The biggest lie of secular Leftism is that reality is subjective, private and personal, a matter of temporary emotions and experiences...

This is a lie, and the secular Left know it is a lie, and this is demonstrated by the fact that they will not allow any anti-Left thoughts to exist anywhere in anybody's mind, nor will they allow contradictory private behaviour anywhere, nor will they ever regard as trivial public expressions contrary to their taboos.

All breaches of ideal Leftism are (or may be) treated with the utmost seriousness, are never forgotten nor allowed to fade.

For the Left nothing is trivial - when it is anti-Left.


And in this, the Left is absolutely correct: nothing is trivial.

Everything that happens everywhere is (or may be) of permanent and universal significance.


The secular Left want to demoralise its opposition by a paradoxical ideology of 1. the supremacy of the individual and 2. the triviality of  the individual.

But that which is behind the Left knows that there are no individuals.


Christians should know this too: everything matters, and it matters forever - there is no such thing as an individual - we are all in it together.

There is no subjective, all is objective.

Even 'delusions', wrong ideas, are objective; because all ideas and emotions, whether true or false, are part of reality.


The Left knows this - it promotes delusions, because it knows that if delusions exist in human minds then they are objectively real in their effects. Delusions make a difference.

The Left promote ugliness and subverts beauty because they know that the effects are (instantly) universal - the Good is damaged, and permanently.

The Left will lie, habitually, and for no apparent visible gain; because every lie is public and significant, every lie is effectual in the subversion of Good. No lie is trivial - every lie stands to the credit of evil, now and forever.

The Left mocks virtue and delights in the inversion of morality and the denial of wickedness; every time vice is relabelled as virtue, then reality is permanently stained.


Th Left knows that everything matters forever, and the Left itself acts on the basis of this knowledge.

This is why the Left never sleeps, is always active in its work, always seeking new horizons, fresh targets and schemes.


The Left is a demonic spirit for the destruction of Good - and every act of destruction is significant because irreparable.


What the Left fears above all is repentance.

This world cannot be washed and made new, but the individual soul can be cleansed by repentance.

It is vital to the Left project for this fact to be obscured, and itself trivialised by labelling it as subjective, private and personal - irrelevant.

Yet Christian repentance is perhaps the most significant act a person can make, and is always needed.