Thursday, 31 May 2012

Destroying Truth to deny unwanted Christian truths


It is a simplification, but broadly correct, to regard intellectual anti-Christianity as the root and basis of Leftism.

In other words, Leftism is what you get when anti-Christianitry is rationalized and systemized.


Because the desire of secular materialists is not to refute Christianity (refutation of something rational has only a temporary effect) but to discard Christianity permanently.

Not to out-argue Christianity but to set it aside without argument.

And to do this by changing the subject for mankind - by changing the nature of public discourse such that Christian claims are rendered un-discussable.


This has been achieved through the past half century; but at terrible cost: the cost of destroying reason and putting metaphysical assumptions off-limits.

Error is now entrenched and intractable in the public arena.

Professional discourse is bureaucratized.


Truth talk now is to be found only by active seekers, rarely, in private; and mostly in books not people. 



Thrasymachus said...

The basis of leftism is largely certain kinds of Christianity, probably heretical. Leftism is strongly antinomiam; a big leftist theme is the divine spark within, that comes from Quakerism.

Bruce Charlton said...

Or, to put it another way, Leftism is anti-Christian: throughout the past 1000 years it rejected more and more of Christianity, until eventually it rejected the whole thing.

The Crow said...

Leftism is always partly right, in that it proclaims many things that are true, but understands none of those things it proclaims.
"We are all equal", for example.
Well, are we?
Obviously not.
Yet each of us has the potential to be self-realized through cultivation of our own souls.
Any twit can achieve God, because achieving it transcends being a twit.
On the other hand, a twit is unlikely to ever develop any idea of anything lying beyond twit-hood, and so will mostly never achieve anything of value.

Anonymous said...

A good book to know how Leftism and Modernity developed from its Christian roots is "The Theological Origins of Modernity".