Wednesday 10 October 2012

The Adolescent Society - Uganda to the UK


The modern world is characterized by Adolescent Societies.


In the developing world there are more than 40 nations whose median age is less than 20: these are societies with a majority of adolescents.

The youngest is Uganda - population 36 million, where the average person is 15 years old.

So third world societies nowadays essentially consist of adolescents.


In the Western World the average age is more than twice this - in the United Kingdom it is 40, in Japan 45.

These are the oldest societies the world has ever seen - and yet of course these societies are ruled by adolescents.


The adolescents who rule the West are the Mass Media: the mass media being the primary social system in the West, the major focus and origin of the dominant ideology of secular Leftism, and a domain almost-exclusively the province of those who are psychological adolescents.


The Western Mass Media is populated by many-mainly young, unmarried people without children who have typical adolescent concerns for cliques, lifestyle, in-group slang and catch phrases, sexual 'liberation', dress codes, scapegoating and self-righteousness.

If they are married, then these marriages are late, unserious, unrestrictive and seldom last.

If they do have children they have one or two max., seldom raise them, often abandon them.


Typical of adolescents the mass media displays impulsivity and unstable moods; alternation between hedonism and blaming; between aggression and cowardice; sarcasm and sentimentality; impossible idealism and indignant charges of hypocrisy; wild recklessness and paralyzing guilt; snide arrogance and hero-worship - is obsessed with novelties, fashion and peer approval; is extravert (needing continual external stimulation); and is emotionally cold, selfish and and manipulative while burning with resentments, bursting with personal entitlements, prone to self-pity, and zealous for abstract 'justice' which other people fail to live up to.


In sum, almost everyone now alive inhabits a world ruled, one way or another, by adolescents - which explains a lot...



Matias F. said...

Reading your hypothesis on neoteny led me to think about university professors: even if they are married, I would say many have typical adolescent concerns for cliques, in-group slang, dress codes, scapegoating and self-righteousness. So the university as a social system is completely pointless: day-care of the adolescent, by the adolescent, to the adolescent.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MF - Sadly, yes...

Tschafer said...

Your description is perfect, and spot-on. And yes, it applies to many members of our alleged "elite", not just the mass media. University professors may be the worst of the lot.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 3:12
Youths oppress my people,women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray;they turn you from the path.

The Continental Op said...

Anonymous 18:28: Rule of women and youths: a sign of God's judgment.

The Crow said...

Fair enough.
So what do you think is bad about the media?