Wednesday 14 November 2012

"Atheism is the core of the whole Communist system" - Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Thus communism, socialism, liberalism - all and any forms of Leftism whatsoever - will survive and will thrive, and if damaged will re-grow, so long as its core of atheism remains intact.


(Conversely, any political system built upon a core of atheism, will end up growing Leftism.)



The Crow said...

Complete agreement.
The correlation is unmistakable.
Religion provides a baseline that can not be done without, unless mass insanity is the desired result.
That said, religion, itself, can all too easily become mass insanity, too.
Pick your poison.

Roberto Masioni said...

Modern liberalism is the desire to evade all responsibility; it is indistinguishable from sin itself. God and absolute truth imply responsibility, and moderns cannot tolerate that in the least. So they rebel in every way they can think of. They have over a long time created a hugely complex lie machine to try and make their alternate universe operate properly, and it seemed to work for a time, so long as the patches could outrun the problems. But that is all ending now, as it logically must.