Thursday 15 November 2012

Living under (actually existing) communism: government agencies lobbying government to do what government already wants to do...


I read a report about Schizophrenia services on the BBC (it was everywhere in the media) which contains a number of recommendations for government, and wondered who was the charity from which this report originated: a group called Rethink Mental Illness.

That is its name - Rethink Mental Illness!

Wikipedia (but not the charity website) revealed that Rethink... was a new name for the old established National Schizophrenia Fellowship.

And that Rethink... is almost wholly funded by the UK government, with some top-up from Pharmaceutical companies.

So Rethink... is not a charity at all - it is a government agency; a branch of the civil service.


What we have here - objectively, not as a matter of my opinion - is one branch of the government lobbying another branch of the government for more money; and the whole process labelled and presented as a radical conceptual re-framing akin to the 1960s anti-psychiatry movement.


The exceedingly unfortunate people with schizophrenia, and the equally unfortunate people (including children and teenagers) who have nothing of the kind but are compelled on pseudo-medical grounds to take and become physically-dependent upon 'antipsyschotic' drugs, which produce horrible effects including precisely the demotivation and un-employability of which this report complains... these people are just so many counters in the media spin on a bureaucratic inter-departmental wrangle over funding+.


Meanwhile, back in reality, the incidence of schizophrenia (as contrasted with 'early interventions' on people who have not and never would have schizophrenia) is declining...

...which in the normal course of events would lead to a reduction in services; especially making saving on the expensive process of destroying healthy lives and manufacturing chronic patients by coercively prescribing expensive (on-patent) antipsychotics/ 'mood stabilizers' as an excuse for creating jobs for actively-harmful officials, warders and tormenters that are masquerading as health care employees.


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