Saturday 26 July 2014

Do colleges and universities indoctrinate their students? Only in bad habits


Modern higher education does indoctrination as ineffectively and inefficiently as it does everything else - with the exception of inculcating habits of sexual licence, intoxication and laziness (which comes mostly from other students).

The only people who get effectively indoctrinated are the staff, whose livelihood depends on 'toeing the party line' - not the students.

But where does 'the party line' come from in the first place?

Easy - nearly all the the indoctrination in the modern world is done by the mass media. This is constitutes an immersive environment, available 24/7 - and most people are very completely addicted.

If you think about it; the rapidity of change of political ideas makes this inevitable - it could only be done-by and come-from the mass media.

College is far too-slow, is one-off, and has far too-long a lead-time to generate and implement rapid social change.


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