Thursday 10 July 2014

Population replacement in Britain - understanding its origins, following through its implications


The population of Britain is rapidly being replaced; from a combination of severe sub-fertility among the native population combined with year-upon-year massive immigration.

The sub-fertility aspect was brought home to me when I recently visited that rare thing - an English city which has had near zero immigration over the past fifteen years.

What struck me (before I had even figured out the reason) was that so many of the people around were old.

This brought home to me the deep reason behind population replacement; which is that the British reject religion and (therefore) refuse to reproduce.


Christianity has dwindled and declined in Britain to a much greater extent than is superficially obvious - because most self-identified Christians are - overall, in effect - anti-Christian; and this applies especially to the Christian leadership, who are Leftist fifth columnists that have subverted, hollowed-out and all-but destroyed all of the mainstream churches (the Church of England; the major Nonconformist churches such as Methodists, Quakers, Presbyterians; and the Roman Catholic church).

This mass apostasy is the root of a profound nihilistic demotivation which characterizes British life and is revealed most objectively (and lethally) in the incremental collapse of marriage and families, late fertility and massive sub-fertility most obvious among the skilled, educated and leadership classes.


Continued rapid mass immigration of any kind is very obviously a form of social suicide - and the British kind is perhaps more obviously so than most - so it is interesting to consider how a nation can do this to itself.

Mass immigration is indeed an active, deliberate and destructive strategy on the part of the British rulers - and this is a consequence of their characteristic self-hatred and smug, moralizing spite; and a thing only possible when people live inside the mass media, rather than being located in their own common sense and experience.

But equally striking is the bland, inert, passive consent (or at least placid acquiescence) of the mass majority of the British population - albeit that this is an engineered consent, yet there is little or no resistance to the engineering.


This is indeed near the root of the matter, and was starkly revealed by the picture of an English city without immigration; a city in which the population was almost visibly crumbling; the long term consequence of several generations in which purpose has weakened, sickened and almost died.

This is population failure at the most basic biological level.

The impression was of a people with nothing to hope for, therefore waiting to die, and therefore (at best) wrapped-up in the daily minutiae of media diversion and the pleasures of consumption; sometimes quiet, well-behaved, smart and cultured - sometimes aggressive, offensive, self-mutilated and destructive.


It is not so much that the mass of the British people actively-want to be replaced by a collection of various other people from other places - eventually to be dominated by whichever group happens to turn-up in the largest numbers and has the strongest will to take-over in any particular region; it is more that - lacking religion - the British people have no strong ideas about what to do instead.

How could they? For an apostate population; life has no purpose, no meaning; and in post-modernity, human relationships are few, shallow and ephemeral.

Mass immigration has been engineered by evil-serving elites who recognize it will destroy the British life that they loathe - but they could not have done this without the passive consent/ placid acquiescence of the demoralized mass of British people - and this demoralization runs very deep.

Indeed represents the deepest psychological level of evaluation.


The British reject religion - both among the elites and en masse - a sure sign of which is gross sub-fertility among the healthiest, wealthiest and most able.

Mass immigration follows on from this; but not as any kind of economic compensation (because most of the immigrants are economic dependents and use-up far more resources than they generate) - but simply because the migrants want to come to Britain and take advantage of her prosperity, while the nihilistic British people simply shrug and go along with this, because they don't care much (or at all about) what happens in the future - because they don't have anything in particular to aim at.

In sum, there seems to be only one thing which the British people are sure about - one primary and powerful conviction - and that is that they do not want Christianity - or indeed any other religion.

And from that, much else follows, as it will.



Bruce Charlton said...

@GG - Thanks for your comment.

Wade McKenzie said...

This is spot-on. And I think it follows that nothing is going to be done about it.

The British people had the most beautiful religion in the world--and one of the most beautiful expressions of it--and they flushed it down the toilet, I guess so they could "do their own thing" without Christian moral restraints. That "own thing" turned out to be something base and ignoble--as was bound to be the case when it comes to the desires of the multitude--and now their once-great country is being given over to low and brutish peoples.

To snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in this case--though almost impossibly unlikely--will require much more than a re-embrace of Christianity. The British people would have to be willing to fight for their racial identity, treating those outside their ethnos with a healthy contempt and bringing them under a regime of supervision, if not expulsion.

Given contemporary understandings of Christianity, which associate it with a mushy liberal universalism, one might be forgiven for supposing that it would rather be a hindrance than a help in any program pertaining to the restoration of a British national identity. (I say that as one who thinks that Christianity is an essential element of British identity.)

Bruce Charlton said...

@WM - Indeed, but any restoration of English/ Scottish/ Welsh/ Ulster national identity would not be worth having - would indeed be hellish - unless it was preceded by repentance and real Christianity.