Sunday 24 May 2015

Anglican Unscripted - An enjoyable, and sometimes inspiring, Christian vlog


One of my favourite Christian resources is Anglican Unscripted - a regular news vlog presented by Kevin Kallsen and George Conger - who are conservative Episcopalians in the USA (yes, they do exist!).

They are a very genial and amusing couple of chaps, and come across as decent men and good Christians.

Kevin Kallsen is the technical guy, and hosts a web channel and various other media:

George Conger is - as well as having a parish in Florida - a high-level and highly informed religious journalist; and in this latest installment he reports on an extraordinary story that among the papers of Bin Laden were 'profiles' of Church of England Bishops - this is, in fact, the only Christian material so-far reported.

Their speculations on what misconceptions about the state of the Church of England might explain this special interest in English Bishops are very enjoyable.


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