Friday 29 May 2015

Reader's Question: What kind of Christian would CS Lewis be nowadays?

Reader's Question: "Probably a silly question as Churches tend to vary a lot locally but, if CS Lewis was around today do you think he would still be attending CofE and if not which alternative denomination do you think he would have supported and why?

I ask this as I have had three moves and three Churches (Baptist, CofE with Baptistery and now, possibly, CofE) and although I was lucky with the first two, it seems to be getting harder to find one with a strong 'Bible based' message.

All denominations seem to have their own particular emphasis but I am just seeking one that espouses the Christian common ground Lewis spoke of in "Mere Christianity" with little pandering to modernity."

My Answer:  Lewis was a mainstream Anglican who after converting began on the Protestant side of the denomination and moved gradually towards a more Catholic practice (eg taking more frequent Holy Communion, attending confession with an Anglican Monk).

But Lewis did not get much satisfaction from attending church - he did it primarily from duty; and he would not have tolerated the incremental liberalisation of the Church of England, the abandonment by senior Bishops of belief in miracles, the Virgin Birth, even the divinity of Christ; the introduction of priestesses from 1992, and so on.

I think Lewis would have continued to attend a church; but what kind of church? Would Lewis have become a non-denominational conservative evangelical, or a Roman Catholic (like his 'disciple' Walter Hooper)? Perhaps...

Or would he have become Russian Orthodox - a Platonist faith with which he had considerable sympathy and some links? That option seems most likely to me.

But whatever he became, he would have continued to be been dutiful but not an enthusiastic church member - although he probably would have tried to keep his negative feelings to himself. 


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