Thursday 28 May 2015

Reader's Question: Is there a legitimate distinction between the 'mass media' and worthwhile media?

Reader's Question: "I have been wanting to ask you about movies and television shows. You have posted several reviews of Hollywood movies over the past few months. Clearly you make a distinction between the ‘mass media’ which we ought to avoid, and movies like ThorToy Story 3, television like Dr. Who etc. What is the distinction?"

Answer: My theoretical point is that we should aim to cut down exposure to the mass media to the point that we get free of its grip - that we cease to be 'inside' it. 

I am in fact exposed to a lot of mass media, often via my children - and these are what I sometimes blog about. But I think I have cut it down to the point that it is a novelty for me to watch a movie, or a TV programme; or read a modern novel; I don't read newspapers, and I only follow about half a dozen blogs. That seems to be little enough for my present purposes. 


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