Sunday 14 June 2015

Psychopharmacology book recommendation - Psychiatric Drugs Explained by David Healy (2008)

If you are interested in psychoactive, psychotropic, psychiatric drugs - then David Healy's book Psychiatric Drugs Explained (5th Edition 2008 - or earlier editions are equally good) can be recommended to you without reservation.

It is written in a clear and enjoyable fashion for the general reader, assuming zero background knowledge; but written by the premier world expert in the subject.

If you understood this book, you would then have more valid knowledge on the subject than nearly all practising doctors and psychiatrists (whose heads are full or marketing nonsense and lies).

You might also read my book from 2000, Psychiatry and the Human Condition, which takes a more evolutionary perspective on psychiatric illness and treatments; and has the great virtue of being available free online!


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