Thursday 25 June 2015

The post-mortal ratchet

One important difference between this mortal life, and the life after death - the post-mortal life - is that our freedom can lead us downward and away from God as well as upward and to become more like him: we can make spiritual progress, or we can become more spiritually corrupt.

Post-mortally, we can only progress (although we do not necessarily progress).

This is highly significant, although it must be a half-knowledge - because it does not tell us what is the advantage of mortal life; why is it better, or necessary, for mortals to be able to decline into corruption.

And, what is the price top pay in post-mortal life, that means it is an upward ratchet only? What qualities have been sacrificed, that this can be made so?

To know this, the other half of the knowledge - would be to have a clearer, firmer comprehension of conscious extended life this mortal interval; to know what it is for.


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