Tuesday 30 June 2015

Reader's question: "What do you think of the relationship between personal eccentricity and genius?"

My answer: My understanding is that all true creative geniuses are eccentric; in the sense that they are substantially indifferent to "other people's" evaluations - therefore, they will not be much bothered about trying to fit their own behaviours into social norms - at least, they will not expend as much effort on this as do most people.

The reason is that creative genius is a product of what I term the Endogenous Personality - which means that the person is relatively inner-orientated, their evaluations arise from within (rather than being social) and their behaviour is inner-generated.

So eccentricity is part of a psychological package that includes creative genius.


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Adam G. said...

Modernity often reverses this process, mistaking the signal for the substance. People ape geniuses by breaking with conventions, not by producing things of substance.