Friday 2 June 2017

Sacred Measurement

In which John Michell explains why feet and inches, pints and gallons, pounds and ounces are divine in origin - whereas metres, litres and grams are the devil's work...

I got the idea for posting this from a similarly-themed post by Brett Stephens:


David Stanley said...

There is a renaissance of interest in sacred geometry at the moment. Unfortunately it is most!y by new agers and Tattooists but it is still encouraging. If you google " by hand and eye"you will find Jim To!pins websiy which is all about relating design to the body. I have read his woodworking books for years but this ius an intersection of realms that I find uplifting. Thanks for reminding me about JM. I have his beautiful book geometry now.

Bruce Charlton said...


I enjoyed your Jim Tolpin recommendation - great stuff!