Tuesday 20 June 2017

Why are there no modern Utopias?

Because they cannot be imagined.

Modern people cannot even imagine a society of beauty, truth and virtue - because they do not believe, acknowledge or posses these values.

Instead, moderns can only imagine dystopias - and the dystopias are merely exceptionally-cruel societies where there is more-than-current levels of deliberately imposed suffering - the implication is that a 'utopia' is a society without suffering, of constant pleasure merely.

A Utopia of Emotions.

I say emotions, not feelings, because feelings imply consciousness, self-awareness - and in any modern utopia that must be destroyed - because consciousness implies worries about the past and (especially) future - whereas the modern utopia is the obliteration of everything by current pleasure.

The modern utopia is thus indistinguishable from the modern dystopia of a transhumanist, cyborg/ cyberpunk society in which human-machine, technologically-enhanced entities dwell in a paradise of genetic engineering, plastic surgery and drugs... 

It will be noticed that the modern utopia is not a genuine utopia because it is not a human society - at most, it is the society of ex-humans, who have destroyed their own consciousness in order to obliterate suffering and thereby experience the totality of current pleasure.

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Rainforest Giant said...

Larry Niven wrote about direct electrical current to the pleasure centers in the brain. Without timers addicts would simply waste away in lethal bliss.

I don't know what nasty end the enemy has planned but it must be worse in some way than anything I can imagine. More spiritually damaging, more wicked, more degrading, more inhuman as bad as things are now, how will we know when we get there?