Wednesday 14 June 2017

Sleeping through to damnation for fear of awakening

I call for an awakening in The West, because people are asleep. Just look around: look at the eyes.

People sleep through life, which means they never actually think from themselves (but instead only 'process', automatically, passively - massive inputs of external stimuli).

The great demonic discovery of the 1960s was that modern people could be controlled (into damnation) by keeping them always asleep. Half the time they are asleep in a totalitarian regulated bureaucracy; and the other half in an instinctual world of primary process 'Id' fantasies (and nightmares).

And they do not want to wake-up, because of what they will find. What they will find is too overwhelming to contemplate without religion, and religion is The One Thing that modern people are Sure they do not want.

But even if they had or have, religion - it is not enough; because modern religion is rotten with the same corruption that affects everything else.

The only answer is to awakening to a religion in which we each have direct and personal engagement with the divine creative mind and process - how else could we survive as individuals in a world of near-total corruption?

Fortunately, exactly this is there for the asking - everything they most need... Unfortunately, everybody is asleep, and if they begin to stir from slumber they are aggressive in their attempt to resume unconsciousness.

What they want is only more sleep, deeper sleep, and better dreams (preferably never to wake up, preferably a blissful slide into extinction - to be on the safe side).

Unless they awaken, nothing positive can be done - because anything positive done must be with consent and indeed active agreement and effort. They cannot awaken unless they want to wake. They show no signs of wanting to wake.

Well - Because God loves us, people will get what they want - but what they want, won't be what they expect. This is not a threat - simply that God cannot override Man's agency (even if he wanted to, which he does not).

What we insist upon, in our freedom, will be; but it will be what we really insist upon - and not merely what we unreflectively and dishonestly 'say to ourselves'.


Ingemar said...

See, this is the REAL Red Pill--not all that seduction pickup crap that the Boromirsphere is trying to peddle.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ingemar - Yes, that's just another kind of sleeping; and clearly psychologically-ineffective.

J said...

@Ingemar - When you say the Boromirsphere, do refer to people advocating seizing power (particularly political power) for their own cause?

Bruce Charlton said...

Allow me to answer for Ingemar - I. is referencing a comment recorded in this post:

...Named from Ingemar's summary of 'the Boromir strategy' for resisting Leftism which is:

"Hey lads, let's use the One Ring to fight Sauron!"

Chent said...

Your level is very high, but this is one of your bests. I am going to translate into my language to share with family and friends.