Friday 30 June 2017

I am interviewed by Brett Stevens for

For some people this could serve as an introduction and overview of my ideas.

My thanks to Brett for providing stimulus and opportunity.


MadJack said...

Mr Charlton, in the Amerika interview you mentioned that you had read Mormon theology in some depth. Can you recommend some titles, please.


MadJack said...

What books on Mormon theology do you recommend?

Bruce Charlton said...

Sorry for the delay Marc - The thing is, I spent about five years reading all sorts of thing, many hundreds of sources on Mormonism, before 'the penny dropped' and I really 'got' Mormon metaphysics.

The most directly helpful may have been Sterling McMurrin's book on Mormon pholosophy and theology - but it was only on the second or third reading that I understood. Blake Ostler's work was also very helpful (essays available online and some YouTube talks). I had already understood before I read Terryl Givens - although maybe his God Who Weeps might be the best way into this subject. Of course, reading Mormon texts was helpful, although not the Book of Mormon - rather some selective aspects of The Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants. I read some Mormon blogs on these themes, and a lot of the educational material on the web pages (incuding the Missionary Manuals) - the the Encyclopedia of Mormonism (free online from Brigham Young University) was also very good.

Or you could try this!