Wednesday 28 March 2018

Bureaucracy as the primary mechanism of modern evil

Bureaucracy is the major mechanism by which purposive evil has created The System which is incrementally reaching to new places and situations, while simultaneously working at an ever-smaller level of surveillance and control.

It is a modern phenomenon, designed and intended as a mechanism for the exclusion of the divine, the spiritual... the exclusion of everything but a single, global, official model of reality that is defined and enforced as the only reality.

Bureaucracy is materialism as a metaphysical assumption; abstraction implemented in concrete, socio-political form; the justification of a value system which denies the possibility of justification. 

(This is not intended to be a uniform, stable and coherent reality - that was old-style totalitarianism; but our current Bureaucracy is a constantly changing New Left reality of perpetual revolution - The System is continuous transition and at war with itself - a situation designed to induce fear, resentment and despair.)

Coming at this point, Bureaucracy makes passive and unconscious that which has already becomes active and conscious.

Materialism is intrinsically dishonest - since it entails the forced-forgetting that materialism cannot prove itself. Most traditional systems were examples of circular reasoning based on explicit assumptions - but Bureaucracy denies that it has assumptions; it presents-itself to-itself as pure mechanism, pure empiricism; enforcing its own truth while denying the reality of truth.

Bureaucracy is indeed the purposive attempt to destroy purpose. 


Alan Roebuck said...

Well said, Bruce. Bureaucracy as a primary evil in and of itself, regardless of its actual content. You have done well with your constant reminders of this threat, which reaches into every aspect of every life. Its ubiquity cloaks it from most minds.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Alan - Thanks!