Thursday 29 March 2018

Where is the realm of universal reality located?

There is no mystery about this, it isn't complicated, we all know the answer from personal experience.

The realm of universal reality was the same as we were immersed-in as children - which we knew as children; but which we were not conscious of until we began to separate from it. There is creation, and we are in creation. And creation is a process, dynamic, continuous... alive, conscious, purposive.

We lived in that realm; but as children it was unconscious, spontaneous and we did not influence it - we simply were swept-along by it, in it.

So where was it? This was the realm of spirit, and it was everywhere - inside things; alive, conscious, purpose - and we could have relationships with its manifestations.

It was multiple, many-centred, pluralistic, with concentrations but also everything linked.

The spiritual reality was unseen, unperceived, but everywhere and in everything - and between things too; and initially we did not need to seek access to it - we were just in it...

Well, not completely in it, not equally with everything unbounded, since we are incarnate beings - we have bodies - and when things are solid, there is a concentration and something of a boundary...

(This is also the same universal realm inhabited - seemingly - by the most ancient form of hunter gatherers; like the Kung San and the Hazda; but not, for example, the Australian Aborigines who were totemists, and accessed this spirit realm via specific gateways. The Ancient Egyptians called it the Dwat and underwent special rituals and used special objects to be able to get access to the spirit-underworld - they were becoming more separated and more autonomous in their agency.)

So, universal reality began as the inner and spiritual aspect of everything - there was change, and this change was the nature of transformation at a perceptible level (Men, animals, plants, landscape features were inter-changeable over time). Underneath everything was fixed in amount and did not change, and the surface changes were cyclical; indeed a re-cycling of Real Life. The (divinely planned, destined) future ought-to-be that we choose to return to contact with the inner and spiritual aspect of everything. We need to rediscover that universal reality is everywhere and in everything. But having lost contact and then returned to contact, having become self-aware and come to know that we know... things have changed - new possibilities have emerged.  

So, it is always there:

1. First we take it for granted, we know it but don't know that we know. We are simply a-part-of creation...

2. Then it becomes known, as we begin to separate our-selves from the universal background. We began to know it only as we began to lose contact with it...

3. Then, as we become fully-aware of our-selves as autonomus agents... we lose contact with it. This is the current mainstream Western situation, the alienated adolescence of the individual.

4. From now we need to regain contact with it - but because we are now fully-aware of our selves, we will be explicitly conscious of it...

And, therefore, we can (from now) both know-it and participate-in-it. We are part of creation, and also autonomous from creation - we experience this and know this; thus we can take-part-in creation.

(To the extent we participate-in creation - we are thus-far divine, God's collaborators in the work of creation.)


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