Tuesday 6 March 2018

What the snow shows - *rapid* technological decline

Last week, Britain was paralysed by a moderate snowfall. The snow was much, much less-severe than in 2009-10 and 2010-11 - when it was considerably thicker and lay for 3 months instead of a few days.

What does this show? Probably, that Britain's technological capability has declined significantly, even in the past seven years - this is rapid decline indeed!

I have written about this before, more than once - with the basic observation that The West has declined in overall technological capability over the past 40 years, since the moon landings.

Of course there have been considerable specific technological advances - notably in areas related to computation; but this is looking more and more like being due to a greater concentration on that area (because of its key importance in the plan for totalitarian monitoring and control) with decline in breakthroughs across most areas of science (and the near-total disappearance of geniuses).

Why is technological capability declining - and so fast? Well, it's not mystery at all. In fact there are so many reasons it is difficult to choose the most important. But in the words of my book on the corruption of science we are Not Even Trying to sustain, let alone improve, our technological capabilities to deal with real world problems.

Our social institutions and systems are all primarily - and still increasingly - orientated towards Non-functional goals - primarily towards Leftist Politically Correct socio-political goals. In other words, We can't do anything functional as well as before, because we are trying to do something else.

Just look at the self-descriptions of any and every major institution - whether it is political, legal, educational, research, teaching, industrial... look at the mainstream churches, the police, the military... look at the focus of the mass and social media.

They are all run by and for bureaucrats and in response to bureacratic imperatives. By now this has been built-into organisational laws, structures, regulations, practices - it is deeply internatlised, it is institutional. 

Organisations don't respond to the natural world - such as snow; they are not orientated-towards dealing-with real life.

Instead - perceived problems are managed-away: they are dealt-with by changing procedures, by public relations, be campaigns of awareness and attitudes. By changing what is measured - by selectivity, bias, dishonest statistics... by saying one thing and meaning another, by deliberate misleading; and increasingly by just plain lying.

When the bureaucrats are happy - Job Done. 

Nobody is primarily concerning with performing a function - therefore functions - like dealing with snowfalls - are badly-performed.

We are not trying to find people who are best at their jobs - but instead people of the approved sex/ race/ religion-non-religion/ sexual orientation.

We are destroying ourselves, for sure. We are not equipped to deal with Reality - and Reality will bite, one way or another, sooner or later...

But is this a bad thing? Well, in terms of functionality yes; in terms of peace, prosperity, comfort and convenience - a life without pain and suffering... All this are are doomed. The Western Nationals are all on a knife edge of collapse in face of anything out-of-the-ordinary...

But - again - is that a bad thing? What would be the actual alternative - where are trends taking us? Techno-totalitarianism is where we are going - fast. And the worst of it is that that is precisely where the great mass of people want to go.

People so much want the lifestyle of becoming human-things plugged-into the internet of non-human-things; that they are prepared to ignore the certainty that this is not actuyally happening for their benefit. Once human minds and bodies are fully-networked - the resulting System will NOT (to put it mildly) be implemented for their personal pleasure and profit, for their spiritual health and salvation...

So, given that the mass of people are battering down the doors of the Evil Illuminati to demand their own psychic enslavement, and the enslavement of everyone else - then the fact that The System looks like collapsing before this can be achieved is, surely, A Good Thing?

After all, if Britain cannot any longer cope with a bit of snow - then what chance the internet of things? What are the the prospects for the strategy of techno-totalitarianism? Not good, I would say.

My suspicion is that this is why there is such accelerating haste towards the secular Leftist agenda; because the hidden hand behind the Global Establishment are realising that their own across-the-board triumphs in sabotaging the social institutions of The West may end-up sabotaging their End-Game Strategy, before it can irreversibly be implemented.

Evil does have the intrinsic weakness of devolving to short-termist selfishness, and lacking any solid basis for cooperation. It was the inevitability of the orcs and the Uruk Hai - squabbling over spoils, killing each other, torturing for fun - that again and again defeated the plans of Sauron and Saruman.

But this does not get us off the hook, because if Plan A to take-over the human mind fails; then Plan B will kick-in - and this is blackmail.

Plan B is: Surrender and be damned slaves forever - or else - we will take away your smart phones...

In other words, SABDSF or else we will bring the whole System tumbling down - with massive human fear, suffering and death (which low level demons love, anyway).

And the Global Establishment could easily do this - it would be the work of minutes, and the effects would be irreversible in days...

Does anyone doubt the outcome of such a credible threat?


David Balfour said...

You paint a terrifying picture...all the more terrifying because of its credibility. During the recent deluge of moderately severe snow, I ventured to my local tescos on food to discover the shelves bare of bread, eggs and other daily essentials. The queues of customers were remarkably large. I remember having a strong day-dream like impression (as I am prone to do) of a kind of pre-collapse situation, perhaps in response to a global or national incident promoting a temporary shut down of normal day to day business before the big crunch of outright panic. The kind of panic that would happen if the eggs and bread vanished for more than a few days, prompting panic buying and massive shelf-clearing. The onset of a dominoe effect nuclear bunker mentality. A sobering thought. It strikes me that most of us are blissfully unaware of how close we could be to a total nightmare scenario unfolding. After the food went or the lights went out on the media or internet with a global catastrophie it wouldnt be long before outright panic, looting, violence and the baser suppressed side of mankinds vilest nature would come to the fore. The recent snow 'catastrophe' really brings home how we live on a fragile egg shell of stability.

Anonymous said...

Again, I am quoting you.

What will happen is that there will be those who rebel. They will talk: they will make an undernet, a new samzidata.

The official social mass media will be more and more limited. the Police more akin to the Stazi than the old fashioned copper on his beat, and England will get worse.

Until we have another peasant's revolt: we already have the Wat Tylers of the next revolt in England's frozen and regulated land.

And the current poltitical elite, again, are pelted with cow pats and engine grease.

For I don't trust the academic managers (I have too many scars) nor our politicians. I do trust the contrary, bloody minded nature of the English.

And, more than that, God. Who will rescue our church from the Oxbridge graduates who want to manage Christ out of it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@weka - The point is that, at present, hardly anybody wants to be 'rescued' from this Brave New World - just as nobody wants to be married and have a family. Nor do they want eternal life in Heaven. It is not that they don't believe in eternal life in Heaven, so much as would not want such a thing even if they did believe it. Apparently, this hendonistic inertia and despair is a consequence of The West having now being an atheist society for several generations, especially among the upper classes.

William Wildblood said...

I'm afraid a lot of this is a consequence of becoming a more feminised society in which people are afraid to take risks and the mediocre is prized more than the exceptional because no one must be made to feel bad about themselves. That's not the whole story by any means but this is one of the ways that those managing the decline bring it about. We are kept in line by being emasculated.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - in a sense (not entirely) that is the same as saying it is a more bureaucratic society. Bureaucracy - with its committee systems - is an abstract formalisation of the peer consensus by which women spontaneously operate in groups.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, both are a way of disarming opposition and establishing conformity.

Sobers said...

A small example: farmers are forbidden by law from using their agricultural machinery run on red diesel on public roads for any use other than the production of food. Any trip on the public highway must be as a result of an agricultural operation taking place somewhere - going to plough a field for example, or transporting grain from field to store. People who break these rules are prosecuted and receive hefty fines.

Yet in the recent snow falls, we saw the police using Twitter to ask farmers to use their tractors and forklifts to help clear roads of snow and to assist in pulling out stuck vehicles. Suddenly that particular law is disregarded as the weather has provided a swift dose of reality. Yet the same police will at some point in the future be manning checkpoints run by HMRC and VOSA in order to catch people doing what they themselves were asking people to do a few weeks or months earlier. And using the very same Twitter feed to crow about the 'criminals' that have been caught.

rolo said...

From a U.S. angle, I would consider the incredible ongoing failure of the F-35 as exhibit A of our inability to do great things. With all the engineering talent the U.S. possesses and all the hundreds of billions thrown at the project it's been fun and terrifying to watch just how incapable we've become.

Bruce Charlton said...

@rolo - Yes, we cannot take anything seriously just because it is real! Bureaucracy is now built-in and immoveable (indeed, as if a fact of nature); and the priority is always political correctness first, and everything else must be fitted round it.