Sunday 18 March 2018

Living against our personal destiny is a neglected source of existential suffering in the world

Looking back on my life, I can see that a major cause of misery and suffering was when I lived against my personal destiny. That is, when I had made wrong life choices and persisted in them - I suffered. This suffering was of an existential nature - deep and private, not superficial and public. 

What seemed to happen then was a waning of drive and motivation, a growing discontent and low-grade misery. A feeling of meaninglessness and of pointlessness. And alienation - being cut-off from people, the world, life. 

My surface life might be comfortable, might contain excitement, fun, be well-rewarded. Status and self-esteem were not a problem. But underneath...

In other words; when my life was on the wrong track, when I had taken a wrong turn and was moving further and further away from the right path - vitality drained away and an uneasy angst accumulated - regardless of how superficially pleasant and pleasurable that life might be.

And of course this is how it would naturally be, if a loving God was guiding us, his children. He would not want us to be diverted from what we ought to do by wrong decisions, and would make sure that we knew when - deep down - our lives had gone wrong and were getting wronger.

Whether we take any notice, is up to us; whether we put matters right is up to us - but we cannot say we were not aware of the problem, we cannot say that we were misled. If people, like myself, choose to blind themselves to the reality of divine destiny, then that is also open to us - but it cannot be done without consequences in terms of existential suffering.

Existential suffering of precisely the kind (and increasing severity) which I see all around me in the modern world.

People are being told, they are being shown, they are feeling that they have made wrong assumptions, wrong decisions, and are persisting in them - all of this by their own personal choices.

Corrective counter-knowledge is being applied to their souls; every hour of every day; steadily, and with increasing force - this existential suffering has that meaning.

People cannot be made to take notice of, nor to understand, such divine communications - but they are certainly being given every encouragement to do so.

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