Tuesday 10 July 2018

Food/ meat/ flesh versus drink/wine/ water in the fourth gospel

It strikes me that the overall pattern of this 'symbolism ' is for food etc to refer to earthly, mortal love while drink etc refers to post- mortal and Heavenly love.

The emphasis on Jesus eating and feeding is about his love and care for us, in this life; and this is the significance of him sharing a meal withe the disciples after resurrection (continuing concern).

While the passages on drinking (and probably baptism) are about the nature of resurrected Heavenly life, among Jesus's followers.

On top of this are the passages referring to qualitative enhancement of eating and drinking, that Heavenly life is greater in form than this life.

So, eg the Samaritan woman at the well is being told of the greatness of life everlasting in Heaven, for followers of Jesus;  by contrast with what she already believes from her existing religion, and its benefits in her life.

So food etc and drink etc are kinds of love. Drink is is first commandment - love of God (specifically Jesus); food etc is love of neighbour, the second commandment.

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