Wednesday 25 July 2018

They *can't help* lying... The *obviousness* of evil in the End Times

In the (real) Culture Wars - which are between Christians and the Mainstream it has become very easy to tell who's who. The baddies always lie* - they can't help themselves!

(The Mainstream is being defined here as wholly Leftist and materialist - and the Mainstream is Leftist whether the Mainstream calls-itself Socialist, Democrat, Labour, Liberal, Libertarian, Republican, or Conservative - all are Leftists because all are this-worldly, utilitarian materialists.)

Nowadays, at any given time, on any and every specific day; there is always an ongoing international Mainstream scandal, witch-hunt, frenzy, fire-storm; created and sustained by the politically-correct Social Justice Warriors from the Left: whether their case is based on class, 'gender', race, sex, immigrant-status, or sexuality.

But it is easy to tell which side are the goodies and which are the baddies; because the baddies always lie.

The fascinating thing is that they lie even when they don't need to lie! - because for them lying is normal, everyday, habitual... more than this, lying seems to be a necessity.

They actually need to lie often, at a deep level, they just-must keep doing it... perhaps their demonic masters impose this duty upon them, to show their loyalty to the evil cause?

Of course, lying is absolutely necessary when the scandal is invented, based on a lie, made-up from whole cloth - and many/ most of these scandals turn out to be fake: false accusations. But sometimes the current scandal is based-upon some real breaking of a taboo or rule which would - even when utterly trivial, or not-really-wrong, in these totalitarian times - be sufficient to get the person demonised, fired, prosecuted...

So there are situations when the SJWs don't need to lie; when, indeed, lying actually weakens their case; when the truth is sufficient (in this evil world) for their needs...

Yet even when the baddies have a solid case for their accusations they still lie! 

Always they frame and seed the truth with lies. Always and without any exceptions.

This is really very easy to spot, unless - of course - you yourself are also on the bad side; and are yourself used-to habitual lying, and used-to excusing it.

But it makes discernment in the culture wars very easy indeed: The liars are the baddies.

The baddies are such systematic, deliberate and strategic liars that they also use false flags, and plants, and fake opposition - these are routine - so the some on the 'good side' of any dispute are also liars: they too are covert baddies, and this shows that 'the sides' are also faked.

Thus the detection of lies is really easy, except in situations where lies are universal such as 'foreign policy', or lies concerning 100% fake domains - such as the 'scandals' the mass media... Then there are liars lying about liars; and the truth cannot be known...

But then we know enough to shun everybody in these lying-fields.

Such are the End Times: evil is become pervasive, normal, compulsory; but the evil-ness of evil is ever-more-obvious.

*Note: Vox Day has written a book called SJWs Always Lie (2015). His assertion is quite literally true: lying is intrinsic to being an SJW - and this post is intended to analyse why. In my own book on the zealots of political correctness - Thought Prison, of 2011 - I mostly argued that they lied 'tactically' because it was expedient and they lacked the Christian requirement of honesty; but I now see that they are active, strategic, compulsive liars - even when truth would be more effective still they lie! 

Note added: I first became aware of the compulsive nature of lying among the Mainstream Mass Media in 2008 when I was subjected to a 2 week international firestorm of vilification for mentioning, in the course of argument, the fact that lower social class people have on average significantly lower intelligence than higher social classes; and that this fact would naturally have a significant impact on differential rates of university admissions - especially extreme at the most selective colleges. 

My statement would, of course, in-and-of-itself, have been more than sufficient to raise the guilty fury of the Mainstream; given that almost their entire raison d'etre is the thumping-lie that such differences don't exist - so that educational-outcome differences 'must be' due to irrational prejudice against the lower classes. However, to accuse me of class snobbery and class hatred was not sufficient for the media SJWs - and they manufactured the lie that my article had also been 'racist' - despite that race was never mentioned. 

In other words, the truth of my assertion was enough to convict me in their kangaroo court; but they just-had-to-lie as well! 

Perhaps the commonest lie of this sort nowadays is to call anybody disagreed with a White Supremacist; that is, a member of an essentially non-existent and certainly insignificant political group (whose minute and powerless self-identified membership, such as it is, consists almost entirely of false opposition and agents provocateurs).  


Chiu ChunLing said...

A great deal of why evil people lie is simply because telling the truth is difficult and requires constant evaluation of the context and quality of communication. The resort to characterizing as "racism" the observation that there is an IQ gap between families that have held more socially advantageous professions for generations and those which do not achieve such professions is less a deliberate untruth and more a habit of lazy Marxist argument.

Of course, to avoid self-examination and recognition of participation in evil, lies are a psychological necessity. But it is still more accurate to say that lies produce evil than that evil produces lies. The habit of lying has to be well-entrenched for evil behavior to really flourish, and if the habit of lying is broken then the conscience may awaken.

Of course, sloth is a form of evil, so it can be said that a particular evil undermines honesty until it no longer serves as an impediment to indulgence in other sins. And of course dishonesty is an evil as well, though to say that lies produce or are caused by the sin of dishonesty is not terribly meaningful.

But doing good, even intellectually, requires sustained effort. The lack of this effort produces evil.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - What you say may be correct at lower levels of obedience to evil (and correct about public evil in the past); but active evil, strategic evil, dedicated service/ enslavement to evil is a different and much more purposive matter - and that is what we are seeing nowadays.

The doing of evil *even when* it is inexpedient or highly risky in worldly terms; because this is what demonstrates devotion to the cause of evil, and is indeed required by those who demand obedience in pursuit of the evil agenda.

The order is to seed discourse with lies all of the time - except in response to questions from superiors. Ultimately, the main 'victim' is the liar himself - because this - unrepented - is damnation.

William Wildblood said...

They have to lie because their world view is based on the denial of God and Christ which is the ultimate lie. Once you have given yourself over to this lie everything else, by necessity, must also be a lie. If the roots of your thought are in untruth then the fruits will be too.

The denial of God is always an affirmation of self as in ego self. But this ego self is a lie and can only be sustained by lies (often to oneself). This is why those who deny God can only continue to justify themselves by lying.

Chiu ChunLing said...

It is very true that, at the top of the pyramid of exploitation, you must not merely fail in perceiving the truth, but need to be firmly entranced by the great and explicitly satanic lies. I mostly deal with mook-level evil, because there are more of them and there is still some point in telling them that they are lying.

For those on the top, who achieve and maintain their position in the hierarchy of evil by dint of actual knowledge of their true master, there is nothing to be done but to kill them. But that is best done after dissuading as many of their possible successors as are willing to wake up and make a moral choice. You can't kill the lie anymore than you can kill the truth. Suasion must be applied at the bottom, where there are people who can still change their mind.

I always tell people this about Hitler (and going back in time to kill him). While that was certainly necessary, ultimately eroding and outright destroying his support was the prerequisite for it to have any real effect.

Avro G said...

To the prideful spirit of our time the greatest obscenity is repentance. Those who can't repent must like continually. No second thoughts. It seems once you've thrown off Christ's yoke it's all or nothing.