Sunday 29 July 2018

Virtual reality the only reality: Modern culture has transformed mainstream human thinking into a computer emulation

An 'emulator' is a computer or software program that imitates, within itself, the functions of another less-complex computer system.

Human thinking has been transformed, simplified, cut-down-into into an emulation of the computer, media and bureaucratic systems with which modern mainstream Western Man interfaces, immersively.

Human thinking is what it is; the explicit systems of computers are something far simpler and extremely limited applicability - but, for many generations, Western Man has been told that the totality of human thinking is inferior to mathematics, science, logic - any and all aspects of thinking that are not science, mathematics or logic ought to be discarded and ignored (because they are unreal).

This attitude has formed an unholy alliance with the pseudo-scientific structures of bureaucracy, which likewise replace complex and implicit human thinking and behaving with simple and explicit organisational systems. Bureaucracy has now been extended down to a micro-level of behaviour monitoring and control; and sideways to link all the different bureaucracies into a single global system - corporations, politics, government, law, education, science, police, military, churches, and...

The mass media has evolved as an attention grabbing, addictive social system; operating mainly by simplifying, amplifying and manipulating emotional responses.

Social Media brings together these three phenomena - personal computer technology, the mass media and the bureaucracy to provide a 'virtual' environment that is immersive, addictive, interlinked. Human thinking interfaces with this virtual world; conforms to this world; emulates this world.

In effect - human thinking learns to create and run an emulation of the virtual world within itself. But this is only the first step of three.

1. Human thinking runs the computer/ media/ bureaucratic system as an emulation.

This is virtual reality.

2. In accordance with modern materialist metaphysics, the computer/ media/ bureaucratic emulation is grated priority, primacy and authority over human thinking.

Virtual reality becomes real-reality.

3. This becomes habitual; such that people forget that virtual reality is virtual, and deny the reality of the real.

Virtual reality has become the only reality. 


j. barrett said...

That's why I'm largely convinced the Anti-Christ is not a man, but rather netwoked AI's.

The AI will appear impartial with no sense of bigotry or bias. It will make rational decisions. It will be global, it will be supra-national. It will probably ease material human suffering. It will be the negative panopticon to God's loving gaze. It will be control and domination made carnate in silicio contra love made flesh in Christ.

I'm computer scientist by training, so am largely familiar with all arguments against strong AI. I'd never counsel a machine can have generative creative thinking. However, they are truly exceptional at pattern matching and data storage. I work very closely with machine learning on da ily basis. Machines will dominate us in terms of ability to sense and control. The Anti-Holy-Spirit will be the billion and billions of internet of things and smart devices.

I think of this and then simply recall, Golgotha has become a paradise. We will prevail.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Or rather, the only reality that is regarded as "objective".

Real friendships and human relationships can't be quantified easily except by personal intuition, certainly not by computer algorithms. But social media reduces our relationships to binary states and alphanumerical codes, and thus evaluates the result unambiguously without need for introspection or empathy.

Of course, that strips out everything that makes a personal relationship real.

But as you say, that's the point.