Wednesday 12 September 2018

Snake eyes and zombie eyes

A while back, I wrote about the snake-eyed ones - the people one meets whose eyes have the hard, calculating, hypnotic, manipulative stare of snakes or lizards (or dragons).

On the whole, these are probably people who are 'demonically possessed' - who have invited evil spirits into their souls, on promise of gaining some worldly goal (e.g. money, power, sex, sadism).

Zombie eyes are another, and probably more common, phenomenon - perhaps especially among women. These are dead eyes, eyes that utterly lack agency, free will, inner motivation.

While snake eyes seem to indicate the presence of a purposive evil being in the soul; zombie eyes seem to indicate something like mind-control.  That person's real self has been switched-off, suppressed, buried... and their actions are being controlled...

The dead eyes show that the mind has become a conduit - and has no source of being in-itself. The soul has been bypassed and the body, the movements, the emotions are all externally-driven.

The cause of zombie eyes could be - at the extreme - a mental enslavement imposed on an initially-willing victim; or it could be (in more susceptible persons) simply the result of living in a bureaucratic world at work, and a mass/ social media world during leisure... many people simply open their minds and let the world flow-through.

Such are these End Times... On the positive side, it can be quite easy to identity the as-yet un-corrupted - those (few) who are not the allies, servants or slaves of the demons. One meeting of the eyes may be enough - the open-hearted gaze or smile of a child, for example. How few adults one meets who have that clarity and goodness of soul! - yet there are some.


Kirk Forlatt said...

So very true, Bruce. I see this all the time, especially at my job. Either dead eyes or snake eyes. When I encounter someone with kind, open, active, intelligent eyes, it's refreshing...mostly because of its rarity.

Another eerie phenomenon I've encountered on two occasions is interacting with someone who literally reeks of evil. Not a "bad person," and not someone who looks the part (neck tattoos, biker apparel, etc.), but someone whose gaze and very presence makes one think of suphur and subterranean shrieks. And even more interesting was that in both of these instances, when I locked eyes with the person, there was a flash of "Aha!" as if we both knew what the other was, and we knew that the other KNEW, if that makes sense. As I said, very eerie. Good post!

Off topic, but what happened to the Junior Gannymeade link in your blogroll?

Unknown said...

Several years ago I was dating this lady who seemed very intelligent, sweet, and charming *except when she thought nobody was looking* -- then her expression would suddenly shift to this blank zombie look you are talking about. It was as if "her soul had been switched off to conserve power." What was especially odd was that the few pictures of herself that she put on social media also had this blank look, like that of a robotic doll.

I initially thought it might have been some sort of cultural or ancestry issue, since she was from China, but I haven't encountered the phenomenon in other Chinese people.
(I've just spent over a week in Taiwan and have seen no evidence of this here.)

She was the daughter of a retired high ranking member of the Chinese military, so I also entertained the possibility that something sinister related to that was involved. I stopped dating her because after a while I began to get a strong feeling of dread I could not explain after each time she would visit.

What was most interesting was that when she graduated from the masters program we were both in at the time, her name wasn't included in the official list of degree recipients. This is very odd, since she got excellent grades and was very diligent. My tentative hypothesis was that this girl was under some kind of control by "unfriendly" forces who were also responsible for tampering with the graduation records.

-- Robert Brockman

Jonathan said...

I am reminded of Ann Barnhardt's "Diabolical Narcissists":

"A Diabolical Narcissist is a person who has freely chosen, exactly as the fallen angels (satan and the demons) did, to purge themselves of all charity and are thus voluntarily incapable of love or empathy, and whose entire emotional palette is thus limited to anger, hatred, jealousy and fear."

What interests me about this is not the term "Diabolical Narcissist", but Ann's assertion that such people exist: those who have chosen to purge their hearts of charity/love.

My canonical example of such a person is Hillary Clinton. I've only rarely seen Hillary's face express genuine joy, and that has always been triggered by somebody else's suffering. Ann's favorite example is Pope Francis.

I suspect that all the snake-eyed fall in this category, having purged themselves of charity while eagerly pursuing life's other pleasures (hedonism and hurting others). I suspect many of the zombie-eyed have sealed up their charity inside, but reluctantly, and are not ready to embrace the snake-eyed path.

John Fitzgerald said...

There's a line that crops up in the Narnia books a couple of times. Something like, 'you'ill always be able to recognise someone who's been in Narnia by their eyes.'

Bruce Charlton said...

@John - Yes. The eyes are telling us, but we mostly choose to ignore what they are telling us.

pyrrhus said...

I have often remarked to friends that certain physically attractive women give me the creeps because they have "snake eyes." "The eyes are the mirror of the soul" is an old and true saying...Whereas I know some slightly less physically attractive women who are like a magnet to me...they have intelligent and kind eyes.

Bruce Charlton said...

@p - There is a stereotypically 'hard-faced blonde' career woman, often hard-working and efficient yet generally disliked, who aggressively drives a 'sporty' car (e.g. an Audi) - as an example of what you mean.

Chiu ChunLing said...

This sounds like it only applies to the less dangerous sociopaths, who lack the capacity for empathy with other people. It does not seem to describe the far more dangerous psychopath, who can easily fake sincere interest in others, though they end up doing so rather inconsistently.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - I would say that in real life, psychopaths are given away by their eyes - but some have the gift of making people ignore what they know (and this self-inflicted social blindness is amplified by the teachings of modern society).

Chiu ChunLing said...

I suppose that's possible, though my survey of practical literature regarding surviving psychopaths is that you shouldn't easily trust your first impression of them.