Tuesday 20 August 2019

Accelerating censorship and suppression of free speech

In the past year or so, the genial and articulate conspiracy theory expert Andy Thomas has become a correspondent; and yesterday he posted a video of a recent presentation he made about the currently rapidly accelerating censorship; especially of his field; which is faced with total elimination from the public arena (including being unable to hire large rooms for private meetings).

(Note: Andy speaks from a broadly mainstream small-l-leftist and non-Christian perspective; my own views are much more hard-line, and are religiously-derived.) 

If you want the facts about what is happening, then watch Andy's presentation, or read Vox Day's blog. It is happening; and we already live in a very different - and much less free - world, than that of three years ago.

As a strategy for implementing the totalitarian agenda, the acceleration of censorship seems to be working very well; because many people and organisations approve (including all of the most rich, powerful and influential ones); most people barely notice or deny that it is happening; and of those who are concerned, extremely few care enough to do anything of any kind.

I still believe that 2016 was a window of possibility for a spiritual awakening, an increased chance of Romantic Christianity beginning to take-hold; but this possibility was only a window, and it is now being slammed-shut.

Because censorship is a second-order issue, which is why hardly anybody cares about it. There has never been much positive support for free speech, or for freedom, among those who disagree with what is being proposed.

Perhaps only among scientists, for a few generations from the late 19th century to the middle 20th century, was there a genuine ethic of free speech; and that attitude was incrementally crushed and extinguished from the middle 1960s with the advent of the New Left.

Censorship or its opposite are second-order because they are means to an end; and our society is indifferent to censorship because it has no 'end', no purpose, no meaning. By default, the Global Establishment and their minions (who are - by contrast - working towards a goal) are therefore able to use censorship as part of controlling public discourse to advance their agenda of evil.

So long as there is no agenda for Good - i.e. no religion in The West; the agenda of evil will inevitably win - since it has a purpose (albeit a negative purpose: i.e. the destruction of Good).

So our concern should not be with censorship as such, since that is just a symptom, a means to evil ends. We can and will do nothing substantive until After we have reason to oppose evil; that is, until After we have an agenda for Good.

Our basic situation is therefore unchanged from 2016 - we must have a spiritual awakening, and it must come first.

Note: Since England has Not had a spiritual awakening; even if Brexit does happen later this year (which is uncertain), it will not do England any good overall. Despite being A Good Thing in itself; Brexit will, in other words, inevitably be turned to evil ends. Because motivation is primary, and motivation will out. Any change that is made from wrong motivations (and there are no other motivations in current public discourse - only wrong ones) will surely turn-out wrong. 

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